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Luis Miaja-Avila
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Observing the multiexciton state in singlet fission and ensuing ultrafast multielectron transfer
WL Chan, M Ligges, A Jailaubekov, L Kaake, L Miaja-Avila, XY Zhu
Science 334 (6062), 1541-1545, 2011
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T Rohwer, S Hellmann, M Wiesenmayer, C Sohrt, A Stange, B Slomski, ...
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Laser-assisted photoelectric effect from surfaces
L Miaja-Avila, C Lei, M Aeschlimann, JL Gland, MM Murnane, ...
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L Miaja-Avila, G Saathoff, S Mathias, J Yin, M Bauer, M Aeschlimann, ...
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Laser-assisted photoemission from surfaces
G Saathoff, L Miaja-Avila, M Aeschlimann, MM Murnane, HC Kapteyn
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S Mathias, L Miaja-Avila, MM Murnane, H Kapteyn, M Aeschlimann, ...
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Direct mapping of hot-electron relaxation and multiplication dynamics in PbSe quantum dots
L Miaja-Avila, JR Tritsch, A Wolcott, WL Chan, CA Nelson, XY Zhu
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Photoelectron spectroscopy of CdSe nanocrystals in the gas phase: a direct measure of the evanescent electron wave function of quantum dots
W Xiong, DD Hickstein, KJ Schnitzenbaumer, JL Ellis, BB Palm, ...
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Laser plasma x-ray source for ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy
L Miaja-Avila, GC O'Neil, J Uhlig, CL Cromer, ML Dowell, R Jimenez, ...
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MR Singh
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Flux-fusion anomaly test and bosonic topological crystalline insulators
M Hermele, X Chen
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GC O’Neil, L Miaja-Avila, YI Joe, BK Alpert, M Balasubramanian, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (5), 1099-1104, 2017
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