Pralok K. Samanta
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Up-conversion intersystem crossing rates in organic emitters for thermally activated delayed fluorescence: impact of the nature of singlet vs triplet excited states
PK Samanta, D Kim, V Coropceanu, JL Brédas
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (11), 4042-4051, 2017
Aqueous Phase Phosphorescence: Ambient Triplet Harvesting of Purely Organic Phosphors via Supramolecular Scaffolding
S Kuila, KV Rao, S Garain, PK Samanta, S Das, SK Pati, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (52), 17115-17119, 2018
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N Narayanaswamy, S Das, PK Samanta, K Banu, GP Sharma, N Mondal, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 43 (18), 8651-8663, 2015
A probe for ratiometric near-infrared fluorescence and colorimetric hydrogen sulfide detection and imaging in live cells
D Maity, A Raj, PK Samanta, D Karthigeyan, TK Kundu, SK Pati, ...
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Single pot synthesis of indirect band gap 2D CsPb2Br5 nanosheets from direct band gap 3D CsPbBr3 nanocrystals and the origin of their luminescence properties
P Acharyya, P Pal, PK Samanta, A Sarkar, SK Pati, K Biswas
Nanoscale 11 (9), 4001-4007, 2019
A thiazole coumarin (TC) turn-on fluorescence probe for AT-base pair detection and multipurpose applications in different biological systems
N Narayanaswamy, M Kumar, S Das, R Sharma, PK Samanta, SK Pati, ...
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Luminescent metal–organic complexes of pyrene or anthracene chromophores: energy transfer assisted amplified exciplex emission and Al3+ sensing
R Haldar, K Prasad, PK Samanta, SK Pati, TK Maji
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (1), 82-91, 2016
Determination of potential inhibitors based on isatin derivatives against SARS-CoV-2 main protease (mpro): a molecular docking, molecular dynamics and structure-activity …
VN Badavath, A Kumar, PK Samanta, S Maji, A Das, G Blum, A Jha, A Sen
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 22 (7), 3110-3128, 2022
Thieno analogues of RNA nucleosides: a detailed theoretical study
PK Samanta, AK Manna, SK Pati
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Red-emitting Delayed Fluorescence and Room TemperaturePhosphorescence from Core-substituted Naphthalene Diimides
S Kuila, A Ghorai, PK Samanta, RBK Sairam, SK Pati, KS Narayan, ...
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Understanding the binding mechanism of various chiral SWCNTs and ssDNA: a computational study
S Neihsial, G Periyasamy, PK Samanta, SK Pati
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Computational studies on structural and optical properties of single-stranded DNA encapsulated silver/gold clusters
PK Samanta, G Periyasamy, AK Manna, SK Pati
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Tuning of hyperpolarizability, one- and two-photon absorption of donor-acceptor and donor-acceptor-acceptor-type intramolecular charge Transfer-based sensors
PK Samanta, MM Alam, R Misra, SK Pati
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (31), 17343-17355, 2019
Diverse morphologies of zinc oxide nanoparticles and their electrocatalytic performance in hydrogen production
MV Sofiano, J Lee, DS Silvester, PK Samanta, M Paskevicius, NJ English, ...
Journal of Energy Chemistry 56, 162-170, 2021
Triplet Harvesting Using Two-Photon Absorption in Substituted Naphthalimides for Their Application as Heavy-Atom-Free Photosensitizers
PK Samanta, NJ English
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (15), 8178-8185, 2020
Enhancing Selectivity and Kinetics in Oxidative Photocyclization by Supramolecular Control
R Haldar, S Diring, PK Samanta, M Muth, W Clancy, A Mazel, ...
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PK Samanta, SK Pati
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Structural, electronic, and optical properties of metallo base pairs in duplex DNA: a theoretical insight
PK Samanta, AK Manna, SK Pati
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Molecular Architectonics of Stereochemically Constrained π‐Complementary Functional Modules
MB Avinash, PK Samanta, KV Sandeepa, SK Pati, T Govindaraju
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Opto-Electronic Properties of Stable Blue Photosensitisers on a TiO2 Anatase-101 Surface for Efficient Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells
PK Samanta, NJ English
Chemical Physics Letters 731, 136624, 2019
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