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daniele aureli
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Mode 1 or mode 2?“Small tools” in the technical variability of the European Lower Palaeolithic: The site of Ficoncella (Tarquinia, Lazio, central Italy)
D Aureli, R Rocca, C Lemorini, V Modesti, S Scaramucci, S Milli, ...
Quaternary International 393, 169-184, 2016
Palaeoloxodon and human interaction: depositional setting, chronology and archaeology at the Middle Pleistocene Ficoncella site (Tarquinia, Italy)
D Aureli, A Contardi, B Giaccio, B Jicha, C Lemorini, S Madonna, D Magri, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0124498, 2015
Straight-tusked elephants in the Middle Pleistocene of northern Latium: preliminary report on the Ficoncella site (Tarquinia, central Italy)
D Aureli, A Contardi, B Giaccio, V Modesti, MR Palombo, R Rozzi, ...
Quaternary International 255, 29-35, 2012
Between hearths and volcanic ash: the SU 13 palimpsest of the Oscurusciuto rock shelter (Ginosa–southern Italy): analytical and interpretative questions
V Spagnolo, G Marciani, D Aureli, F Berna, P Boscato, F Ranaldo, ...
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Assessment of the Acheulean in southern Italy: new study on the Atella site (Basilicata, Italy)
C Abruzzese, D Aureli, R Rocca
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European Acheuleans: critical perspectives from the East
R Rocca, C Abruzzese, D Aureli
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Using 3D microscopy to analyze experimental cut marks on animal bones produced with different stone tools
E Moretti, S Arrighi, F Boschin, J Crezzini, D Aureli, A Ronchitelli
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Neanderthal activity and resting areas from stratigraphic unit 13 at the Middle Palaeolithic site of Oscurusciuto (Ginosa-Taranto, Southern Italy)
V Spagnolo, G Marciani, D Aureli, F Berna, G Toniello, F Astudillo, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 217, 169-193, 2019
A MIS 15-MIS 12 record of environmental changes and Lower Palaeolithic occupation from Valle Giumentina, central Italy
V Villa, A Pereira, C Chaussé, S Nomade, B Giaccio, N Limondin-Lozouet, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 151, 160-184, 2016
Preliminary data from Valle Giumentina Pleistocene site (Abruzzo, Central Italy): A new approach to a Clactonian and Acheulian sequence
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Middle Palaeolithic technical behaviour: Material import-export and Levallois production at the SU 13 of Oscurusciuto rock shelter, Southern Italy
G Marciani, V Spagnolo, D Aureli, F Ranaldo, P Boscato, A Ronchitelli
Journal of Lithic Studies 3 (2), 2016
Middle Pleistocene molluscan fauna from the Valle Giumentina (Abruzzo, Central Italy): Palaeoenvironmental, biostratigraphical and biogeographical implications
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The earliest evidence for mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe
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Middle Palaeolithic lithic tools: Techno-functional and use-wear analysis of target objects from SU 13 at the Oscurusciuto rock shelter, Southern Italy
G Marciani, S Arrighi, D Aureli, V Spagnolo, P Boscato, A Ronchitelli
Journal of Lithic Studies 5 (2), 2018
Chemical weathering of palaeosols from the Lower Palaeolithic site of Valle Giumentina, central Italy
JP Degeai, V Villa, C Chaussé, A Pereira, S Nomade, D Aureli, M Pagli, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 183, 88-109, 2018
The long sedimentary succession of the Valle Giumentina Basin (Abruzzo, Central Italy): new evidence from stratigraphic studies and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
V Villa, C Virmoux, C Chaussé, JP Degeai, V Robert, C Kuzucuoglu, ...
Comportements techniques au Pléistocène moyen en Italie. Nouvelles recherches sur l’industrie lithique et le site de Valle Giumentina (Abruzzes)
E Nicoud, D Aureli, M Pagli
Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome-Antiquité, 2015
Quel type d'occupation dans l'ensemble F de Payre (Ardèche, France)?: Halte de chasse spécialisée ou campement de courte durée? Un exemple d'approche multidisciplinaire
C Daujeard, MH Moncel, F Rivals, P Fernandez, D Aureli, P Auguste, ...
P@ lethnologie 3, 77-101, 2009
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