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Simple phenolic content in olive oil residues as a function of extraction systems
L Lesage-Meessen, D Navarro, S Maunier, JC Sigoillot, J Lorquin, ...
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Biotechnology for biofuels 12, 1-15, 2019
Post-genomic analyses of fungal lignocellulosic biomass degradation reveal the unexpected potential of the plant pathogen Ustilago maydis
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High redox potential laccases from the ligninolytic fungi Pycnoporus coccineus and Pycnoporus sanguineus suitable for white biotechnology: from gene cloning to …
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Enhanced degradation of softwood versus hardwood by the white-rot fungus Pycnoporus coccineus
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The integrative omics of white-rot fungus Pycnoporus coccineus reveals co-regulated CAZymes for orchestrated lignocellulose breakdown
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Fast solubilization of recalcitrant cellulosic biomass by the basidiomycete fungus Laetisaria arvalisinvolves successive secretion of oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes
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Biotechnology for biofuels 7, 1-14, 2014
Construction of Engineered Bifunctional Enzymes and Their Overproduction in Aspergillus niger for Improved Enzymatic Tools To Degrade Agricultural By-Products
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I Estrada Alvarado, D Navarro, E Record, M Asther, M Asther, ...
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Shifting the biotransformation pathways of L‐phenylalanine into benzaldehyde by Trametes suaveolens CBS 334.85 using HP20 resin
A Lomascolo, M Asther, D Navarro, C Antona, M Delattre, ...
Letters in applied microbiology 32 (4), 262-267, 2001
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