Laurent Dufossé
Laurent Dufossé
Professor of Food Science, University of Reunion Island, Indian Ocean, France
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Microorganisms and microalgae as sources of pigments for food use: a scientific oddity or an industrial reality?
L Dufossé, P Galaup, A Yaron, SM Arad, P Blanc, KNC Murthy, ...
Trends in Food Science & Technology 16 (9), 389-406, 2005
Enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins from yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) wastes using Alcalase
F Guerard, L Dufosse, D De La Broise, A Binet
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 11 (4-6), 1051-1059, 2001
Microbial production of food grade pigments
L Dufossé
Food Technology and Biotechnology 44 (3), 313-323, 2006
Inhibition of marine bacteria by extracts of macroalgae: potential use for environmentally friendly antifouling paints
C Hellio, D De La Broise, L Dufosse, Y Le Gal, N Bourgougnon
Marine environmental research 52 (3), 231-247, 2001
Kinetic study on the Maillard reaction. Consideration of sugar reactivity
D Laroque, C Inisan, C Berger, É Vouland, L Dufossé, F Guérard
Food Chemistry 111 (4), 1032-1042, 2008
Separation and determination of the physico-chemical characteristics of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin
L Péret-Almeida, APF Cherubino, RJ Alves, L Dufossé, MBA Glória
Food Research International 38 (8-9), 1039-1044, 2005
Filamentous fungi are large-scale producers of pigments and colorants for the food industry
L Dufosse, M Fouillaud, Y Caro, SAS Mapari, N Sutthiwong
Current opinion in biotechnology 26, 56-61, 2014
Optimization of free radical scavenging activity by response surface methodology in the hydrolysis of shrimp processing discards
F Guerard, MT Sumaya-Martinez, D Laroque, A Chabeaud, L Dufossé
Process Biochemistry 42 (11), 1486-1491, 2007
Les proprietés anti-microbiennes des huiles essentielles et composés d'arômes
V Hulin, AG Mathot, P Mafart, L Dufossé
Sciences des aliments 18 (6), 563-582, 1998
Evaluation of nitrogenous substrates such as peptones from fish: a new method based on Gompertz modeling of microbial growth
L Dufossé, D De La Broise, F Guerard
Current microbiology 42 (1), 32-38, 2001
Importance des lactones dans les arômes alimentaires: structure, distribution, propriétés sensorielles et biosynthèse
L Dufossé, A Latrasse, HE Spinnler
Sci. Aliment 14, 17-21, 1994
Effect of sucrose on the anthocyanin and antioxidant capacity of mulberry extract during high temperature heating
PJ Tsai, L Delva, TY Yu, YT Huang, L Dufosse
Food research international 38 (8-9), 1059-1065, 2005
Natural hydroxyanthraquinoid pigments as potent food grade colorants: an overview
Y Caro, L Anamale, M Fouillaud, P Laurent, T Petit, L Dufosse
Natural Products and Bioprospecting 2 (5), 174-193, 2012
Production, Identification, and Toxicity of (gamma)-Decalactone and 4-Hydroxydecanoic Acid from Sporidiobolus spp.
G Feron, L Dufosse, EVA Pierard, P Bonnarme, JL Quere, H Spinnler
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 62 (8), 2826-2831, 1996
Spectrocolorimetry in the CIE L* a* b* color space as useful tool for monitoring the ripening process and the quality of PDO red-smear soft cheeses
L Dufossé, P Galaup, E Carlet, C Flamin, A Valla
Food research international 38 (8-9), 919-924, 2005
Fish protein hydrolysates as nitrogen sources for microbial growth and metabolite production
L Dufosse, D De La Broisse, F Guerard
Recent Res. Dev. Microbiol 1, 365-381, 1997
Pigments, microbial
L Dufossé
Encyclopedia of microbiology, 457--471, 2009
Production of carotenoids by Brevibacterium linens: variation among strains, kinetic aspects and HPLC profiles
F Guyomarc’h, A Binet, L Dufossé
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 24 (1), 64-70, 2000
Metabolism of ricinoleic acid into γ-decalactone: β-oxidation and long chain acyl intermediates of ricinoleic acid in the genus Sporidiobolus sp.
C Blin-Perrin, D Molle, L Dufosse, JL Le-Quere, C Viel, G Mauvais, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 188 (1), 67-74, 2000
Assessment of the coloring strength of Brevibacterium linens strains: spectrocolorimetry versus total carotenoid extraction/quantification
L Dufossé, P Mabon, A Binet
Journal of Dairy Science 84 (2), 354-360, 2001
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