Alexandre Dhotel
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Molecular motions in functional self-assembled nanostructures
A Dhotel, Z Chen, L Delbreilh, B Youssef, JM Saiter, L Tan
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (2), 2303-2333, 2013
From a Three-Phase Model to a Continuous Description of Molecular Mobility in Semicrystalline Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)
A Esposito, N Delpouve, V Causin, A Dhotel, L Delbreilh, E Dargent
Macromolecules 49 (13), 4850-4861, 2016
Combining Flash DSC, DSC and broadband dielectric spectroscopy to determine fragility
A Dhotel, B Rijal, L Delbreilh, E Dargent, A Saiter
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 121 (1), 453-461, 2015
From monomers to self-assembled monolayers: the evolution of molecular mobility with structural confinements
A Dhotel, Z Chen, J Sun, B Youssef, JM Saiter, A Schönhals, L Tan, ...
Soft Matter 11 (4), 719-731, 2015
Reducing the gap between the activation energy measured in the liquid and the glassy states by adding a plasticizer to polylactide
S Araujo, N Delpouve, A Dhotel, S Domenek, A Guinault, L Delbreilh, ...
ACS omega 3 (12), 17092-17099, 2018
Metal–Organic Frameworks Capable of Healing at Low Temperatures
Z Chen, G Wang, Z Xu, H Li, A Dhotel, XC Zeng, B Chen, JM Saiter, L Tan
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Supramolecular Nanolayer Reconfiguration after Molecular Intercalation
A Dhotel, H Li, L Fernandez-Ballester, L Delbreilh, B Youssef, XC Zeng, ...
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A Dhotel, L Delbreilh, B Youssef, J Jiang, G Coquerel, JM Saiter, L Tan
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Molecular flexibility of self-assembled systems: effects of building block polarity
A Dhotel
Université de Rouen, 2013
Order-Disorder Transition Investigated by Temperature Resolved Second Harmonic Generation (TR-SHG)
S Clevers, C Rougeot, M Sanselme, F Taulelle, C Martineau, F Saidi, ...
Journées CNRS Cristech, 2014
Order-Disorder transitions: investigations in a series of triazole ketones
S Clevers, C Rougeot, M Sanselme, V Dupray, F Taulelle, C Martineau, ...
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Thermally stimulated depolarization currents and dielectric spectroscopy analysis of plasticized amorphous polylactide
S Araujo, A Dhotel, N Delpouve, L Delbreilh, S Domenek, A Guinault, ...
45. French Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (JCAT 45), np, 2014
Self-assembly of organic-inorganic hybrid nanolayers: effect of endgroup polarity on nanostructures
A Dhotel, Z Xu, L Delbreilh, B Youssef, JM Saiter, L Tan
MATEC Web of Conferences 3, 01016, 2013
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