Florian Schueder
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Super-resolution microscopy with DNA-PAINT
J Schnitzbauer, MT Strauss, T Schlichthaerle, F Schueder, R Jungmann
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Single-molecule localization microscopy
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Organellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics reveal subcellular reorganization in diet-induced hepatic steatosis
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JM Brockman, H Su, AT Blanchard, Y Duan, T Meyer, ME Quach, ...
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Anle138b and related compounds are aggregation specific fluorescence markers and reveal high affinity binding to α-synuclein aggregates
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H Heydarian, F Schueder, MT Strauss, B Van Werkhoven, M Fazel, ...
Nature methods 15 (10), 781-784, 2018
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