Hugo Olvera-Vargas
Hugo Olvera-Vargas
Research Institute on Renewable Energies, National Autonomous University of Mexico (IER-UNAM)
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Kinetics of oxidative degradation/mineralization pathways of the antibiotic tetracycline by the novel heterogeneous electro-Fenton process with solid catalyst chalcopyrite
N Barhoumi, H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, D Huguenot, A Gadri, S Ammar, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 209, 637-647, 2017
Pyrite as a sustainable catalyst in electro-Fenton process for improving oxidation of sulfamethazine. Kinetics, mechanism and toxicity assessment
N Barhoumi, N Oturan, H Olvera-Vargas, E Brillas, A Gadri, S Ammar, ...
Water research 94, 52-61, 2016
Electro-Fenton and solar photoelectro-Fenton treatments of the pharmaceutical ranitidine in pre-pilot flow plant scale
H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, MA Oturan, E Brillas
Separation and Purification Technology 146, 127-135, 2015
Electrochemical advanced oxidation for cold incineration of the pharmaceutical ranitidine: mineralization pathway and toxicity evolution
H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, E Brillas, D Buisson, G Esposito, MA Oturan
Chemosphere 117, 644-651, 2014
Bioelectro-Fenton: a sustainable integrated process for removal of organic pollutants from water: application to mineralization of metoprolol
H Olvera-Vargas, T Cocerva, N Oturan, D Buisson, MA Oturan
Journal of hazardous materials 319, 13-23, 2016
Mineralization of electronic wastewater by electro-Fenton with an enhanced graphene-based gas diffusion cathode
O Garcia-Rodriguez, YY Lee, H Olvera-Vargas, F Deng, Z Wang, ...
Electrochimica Acta 276, 12-20, 2018
Determining the optimum Fe0 ratio for sustainable granular Fe0/sand water filters
BD Btatkeu-K, H Olvera-Vargas, JB Tchatchueng, C Noubactep, S Caré
Chemical Engineering Journal 247, 265-274, 2014
Waste-wood-derived biochar cathode and its application in electro-Fenton for sulfathiazole treatment at alkaline pH with pyrophosphate electrolyte
F Deng, H Olvera-Vargas, O Garcia-Rodriguez, Y Zhu, J Jiang, S Qiu, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 377, 249-258, 2019
A coupled bio-EF process for mineralization of the pharmaceuticals furosemide and ranitidine: feasibility assessment
H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, D Buisson, MA Oturan
Chemosphere 155, 606-613, 2016
Heterogeneous electro-Fenton process: principles and applications
PV Nidheesh, H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, MA Oturan
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Electro-oxidation of the dye azure B: kinetics, mechanism, and by-products
H Olvera-Vargas, N Oturan, CT Aravindakumar, MMS Paul, VK Sharma, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21 (14), 8379-8386, 2014
Characterizing the impact of MnO2 on the, efficiency of Fe0-based filtration systems
BD Btatkeu-K, H Olvera-Vargas, JB Tchatchueng, C Noubactep, S Caré
Chemical Engineering Journal 250, 416-422, 2014
The synergistic effect of nickel-iron-foam and tripolyphosphate for enhancing the electro-Fenton process at circum-neutral pH
F Deng, H Olvera-Vargas, O Garcia-Rodriguez, S Qiu, J Yang, O Lefebvre
Chemosphere 201, 687-696, 2018
Electro-Fenton treatment of real pharmaceutical wastewater paired with a BDD anode: Reaction mechanisms and respective contribution of homogeneous and heterogeneous OH
H Olvera-Vargas, N Gore-Datar, O Garcia-Rodriguez, S Mutnuri, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 404, 126524, 2021
Dynamic cross-flow electro-Fenton process coupled to anodic oxidation for wastewater treatment: Application to the degradation of acetaminophen
H Olvera-Vargas, JC Rouch, C Coetsier, M Cretin, C Causserand
Separation and Purification Technology 203, 143-151, 2018
Sequential “electrochemical peroxidation–Electro-Fenton” process for anaerobic sludge treatment
H Olvera-Vargas, X Zheng, O Garcia-Rodriguez, O Lefebvre
Water research 154, 277-286, 2019
Iron-foam as a heterogeneous catalyst in the presence of tripolyphosphate electrolyte for improving electro-Fenton oxidation capability
F Deng, O Garcia-Rodriguez, H Olvera-Vargas, S Qiu, O Lefebvre, J Yang
Electrochimica Acta 272, 176-183, 2018
Advanced electrocatalytic pre-treatment to improve the biodegradability of real wastewater from the electronics industry—A detailed investigation study
E Mousset, Z Wang, H Olvera-Vargas, O Lefebvre
Journal of hazardous materials 360, 552-559, 2018
Electro-Fenton oxidation of para-aminosalicylic acid: degradation kinetics and mineralization pathway using Pt/carbon-felt and BDD/carbon-felt cells
N Oturan, CT Aravindakumar, H Olvera-Vargas, MMS Paul, MA Oturan
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (21), 20363-20373, 2018
Bio-electro-Fenton: a new combined process–principles and applications
H Olvera-Vargas, C Trellu, N Oturan, MA Oturan
Electro-Fenton Process, 29-56, 2017
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