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Tumor protein 53-induced nuclear protein 1 expression is repressed by miR-155, and its restoration inhibits pancreatic tumor development
M Gironella, M Seux, MJ Xie, C Cano, R Tomasini, J Gommeaux, S Garcia, ...
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Heat shock protein 27 increases after androgen ablation and plays a cytoprotective role in hormone-refractory prostate cancer
P Rocchi, A So, S Kojima, M Signaevsky, E Beraldi, L Fazli, ...
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Small heat shock proteins HSP27 (HspB1), αB-crystallin (HspB5) and HSP22 (HspB8) as regulators of cell death
J Acunzo, M Katsogiannou, P Rocchi
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 44 (10), 1622-1631, 2012
Anticancer drug nanomicelles formed by self-assembling amphiphilic dendrimer to combat cancer drug resistance
T Wei, C Chen, J Liu, C Liu, P Posocco, X Liu, Q Cheng, S Huo, Z Liang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (10), 2978-2983, 2015
Increased Hsp27 after androgen ablation facilitates androgen-independent progression in prostate cancer via signal transducers and activators of transcription 3–mediated …
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An amphiphilic dendrimer for effective delivery of small interfering RNA and gene silencing in vitro and in vivo
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (34), 8478-8484, 2012
Hsp27 knockdown using nucleotide-based therapies inhibit tumor growth and enhance chemotherapy in human bladder cancer cells
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Adaptive amphiphilic dendrimer‐based nanoassemblies as robust and versatile siRNA delivery systems
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (44), 11822-11827, 2014
Small interference RNA targeting heat‐shock protein 27 inhibits the growth of prostatic cell lines and induces apoptosis via caspase‐3 activation in vitro
P Rocchi, P Jugpal, A So, S Sinneman, S Ettinger, L Fazli, C Nelson, ...
BJU international 98 (5), 1082-1089, 2006
Heat shock protein 27 confers resistance to androgen ablation and chemotherapy in prostate cancer cells through eIF4E
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PAMAM dendrimers mediate siRNA delivery to target Hsp27 and produce potent antiproliferative effects on prostate cancer cells
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Expression of adrenomedullin and peptide amidation activity in human prostate cancer and in human prostate cancer cell lines
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Cancer research 61 (3), 1196-1206, 2001
A novel antisense oligonucleotide inhibiting several antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family members induces apoptosis and enhances chemosensitivity in androgen-independent human prostate …
K Yamanaka, P Rocchi, H Miyake, L Fazli, B Vessella, ...
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Highly effective NK cells are associated with good prognosis in patients with metastatic prostate cancer
C Pasero, G Gravis, S Granjeaud, M Guerin, J Thomassin-Piana, ...
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Light‐Harvesting Hybrid Assemblies
KV Rao, KKR Datta, M Eswaramoorthy, SJ George
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Efficient delivery of sticky siRNA and potent gene silencing in a prostate cancer model using a generation 5 triethanolamine-core PAMAM dendrimer
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Dendrimers as non-viral vectors for siRNA delivery
X Liu, P Rocchi, L Peng
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OGX-427 inhibits tumor progression and enhances gemcitabine chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
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Novel triazole ribonucleoside down-regulates heat shock protein 27 and induces potent anticancer activity on drug-resistant pancreatic cancer
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Inherent and tumor-driven immune tolerance in the prostate microenvironment impairs natural killer cell antitumor activity
C Pasero, G Gravis, M Guerin, S Granjeaud, J Thomassin-Piana, ...
Cancer research 76 (8), 2153-2165, 2016
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