Stéphanie Périquet
Stéphanie Périquet
Wildlife Ecologist & Research Consultant
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Sharing the top: how do spotted hyaenas cope with lions?: apex predator coexistence in a wooded savana
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Seasonal selection of key resources by cattle in a mixed savannah-wetland ecosystem increases the potential for conflict with lions
FJ Weise, RWS Fynn, AB Stein, M Tomeletso, MJ Somers, S Périquet
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Deconstructing compassionate conservation
MW Hayward, A Callen, BL Allen, G Ballard, F Broekhuis, C Bugir, ...
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Should the Compassionate Tail Wag the Conservation Dog?
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Spatial and temporal variation in the use of supplementary food in an obligate termite specialist, the bat-eared fox
KR Jumbam, S Périquet, F Dalerum, A Le Roux
African Zoology 54 (1), 63-71, 2019
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