Luca Fossati
Luca Fossati
Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences
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Metals in the exosphere of the highly irradiated planet WASP-12b
L Fossati, CA Haswell, CS Froning, L Hebb, S Holmes, U Kolb, C Helling, ...
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A Leleu, Y Alibert, NC Hara, MJ Hooton, TG Wilson, P Robutel, JB Delisle, ...
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B fields in OB stars (BOB): Low-resolution FORS2 spectropolarimetry of the first sample of 50 massive stars
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D Kubyshkina, L Fossati, NV Erkaev, CP Johnstone, PE Cubillos, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 619, A151, 2018
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