Marios S. Markoulides
Marios S. Markoulides
University of Cyprus
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The road to avibactam: the first clinically useful non-β-lactam working somewhat like a β-lactam
DY Wang, MI Abboud, MS Markoulides, J Brem, CJ Schofield
Future medicinal chemistry 8 (10), 1063-1084, 2016
A Highly Porous Interpenetrated Metal–Organic Framework from the Use of a Novel Nanosized Organic Linker
MJ Manos, MS Markoulides, CD Malliakas, GS Papaefstathiou, ...
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Structure activity relationship studies on rhodanines and derived enethiol inhibitors of metallo-β-lactamases
D Zhang, MS Markoulides, D Stepanovs, AM Rydzik, A El-Hussein, C Bon, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 26 (11), 2928-2936, 2018
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MS Markoulides, AC Regan
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Synthesis of a phosphinate analogue of the anti-tumour phosphate di-ester perifosine via sequential radical processes
MS Markoulides, AC Regan
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MS Markoulides, C Venturini, D Neumeyer, A Gourdon
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On-surface synthesis of chlorinated narrow graphene nanoribbon organometallic hybrids
R Zuzak, P Brandimarte, P Olszowski, I Izydorczyk, M Markoulides, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (24), 10290-10297, 2020
One-pot thermally chemocontrolled double Diels–Alder strategies. A route to [4+ 2] functionalisation/[4+ 2] derivatization of C 60
MS Markoulides, GI Ioannou, MJ Manos, N Chronakis
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One-pot regioselective synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of a stable [60] fullerene trisadduct with the e edge, e face, trans-1 addition pattern
M Riala, MS Markoulides, EE Moushi, N Chronakis
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A human protein hydroxylase that accepts D-residues
H Choi, AP Hardy, TM Leissing, R Chowdhury, Y Nakashima, W Ge, ...
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Construction of 2D nanoporous networks by coupling on-surface dynamic imine chemistry and dipole-stabilized self-assembly
JY Yue, M Markoulides, AC Regan, SY Li, N Chronakis, A Gourdon, ...
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Design and synthesis of aromatic molecules for probing electric fields at the nanoscale
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Quantitative preparation of 3, 4-di (methylene) tetrahydrothiophene-1, 1-dioxide by Zn-induced 1, 4-debromination. A valuable 6-C reactive diene in [4+ 2] cycloadditions with …
MS Markoulides, CP Ioannou, MJ Manos, N Chronakis
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The road to avibactam: the first clinically useful non--lactam working somewhat like a-lactam. Future Med Chem 8: 1063–1084
DY Wang, MI Abboud, MS Markoulides, J Brem, CJ Schofield
Isoreticular Design of Two Novel Metal Organic Frameworks and Their Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Solvent Exchange Properties
A Kourtellaris, MS Markoulides, N Chronakis, SJ Teat, JC Plakatouras, ...
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Synthesis of a Phosphinate Analogue of the Antitumour Phospholipid Edelfosine
MS Markoulides, AC Regan
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 (22), 4996-5003, 2015
Design and Synthesis of new Nanosized C3-Symmetrical Tricarboxylic Acids: Key Elongated Ligands for the Preparation of Highly Porous MOFs
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MS Islam, M Markoulides, R Chowdhury, CJ Schofield
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Future Medicinal Chemistry
DY Wang, MI Abboud, MS Markoulides, J Brem, CJ Schofield
Future 8, 10, 2016
Synthesis of Phosphinic Acid Analogues of Anti-tumour Agents
MS Markoulides
PQDT-Global, 2009
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