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The largest flying reptile from Gondwana: a new specimen of Tropeognathus cf. T. mesembrinusWellnhofer, 1987 (Pterodactyloidea, Anhangueridae) and other large pterosaurs from …
AWA Kellner, DA Campos, JM Sayao, AAF Saraiva, T Rodrigues, ...
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New long-tailed pterosaurs (Wukongopteridae) from western Liaoning, China
X Wang, AWA Kellner, S Jiang, X Cheng, X Meng, T Rodrigues
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Egg accumulation with 3D embryos provides insight into the life history of a pterosaur
X Wang, AWA Kellner, S Jiang, X Cheng, Q Wang, Y Ma, Y Paidoula, ...
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Anhanguera taxonomy revisited: is our understanding of Santana Group pterosaur diversity biased by poor biological and stratigraphic control?
FL Pinheiro, T Rodrigues
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An Early Cretaceous pterosaur with an unusual mandibular crest from China and a potential novel feeding strategy
X Wang, T Rodrigues, S Jiang, X Cheng, AWA Kellner
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New pterosaur specimens from the Kem Kem beds (Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian) of Morocco
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Review of the pterodactyloid pterosaur Coloborhynchus
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Pterodactyloid pterosaur bones from Cretaceous deposits of the Antarctic Peninsula
AWA Kellner, T Rodrigues, FR Costa, LC Weinschütz, RG Figueiredo, ...
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Eggshell and histology provide insight on the life history of a pterosaur with two functional ovaries
X Wang, AWA Kellner, X Cheng, S Jiang, Q Wang, JM Sayao, ...
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 87 (3), 1599-1609, 2015
On a new crested pterodactyloid from the Early Cretaceous of the Iberian Peninsula and the radiation of the clade Anhangueria
B Holgado, RV Pêgas, JI Canudo, J Fortuny, T Rodrigues, J Company, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 4940, 2019
Short note on a Pteranodontoid pterosaur (Pterodactyloidea) from western Queensland, Australia
AWA Kellner, T Rodrigues, FR Costa
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 83 (1), 301-308, 2011
The oldest plesiosaur (Reptilia, Sauropterygia) from Antarctica
AWA Kellner, TR Simoes, D Riff, O Grillo, P Romano, H de Paula, ...
Polar Research 30 (1), 7265, 2011
Note on the pterosaur material described by Woodward from the Recôncavo Basin, Lower Cretaceous, Brazil
T Rodrigues, AWA Kellner
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia 13 (2), 159-164, 2010
A new toothed pteranodontoid (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) from the Jiufotang Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Aptian) of China and comments on Liaoningopterus gui Wang and Zhou …
T Rodrigues, S Jiang, X Cheng, X Wang, AWA Kellner
Historical Biology 27 (6), 782-795, 2015
The evolution of pneumatic foramina in pterosaur vertebrae
R Buchmann, T Rodrigues
Anais Da Academia Brasileira De Ciencias 91, e20180782, 2019
Mass mortality events of autochthonous faunas in a Lower Cretaceous Gondwanan Lagerstätte
AP Storari, T Rodrigues, RAM Bantim, FJ Lima, AAF Saraiva
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 6976, 2021
On Loxosceles anomala (Mello-Leitão)(Araneae: Sicariidae)
ÉSS Álvares, T Rodrigues, M De Maria
Revista ibérica de aracnología 10, 293-295, 2004
New information on the postcranial skeleton of the Thalassodrominae (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea, Tapejaridae)
R Buchmann, T Rodrigues, S Polegario, AWA Kellner
Historical Biology 30 (8), 1139-1149, 2018
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