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György Szalóki
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Reversible Guest Uptake/Release by Redox‐Controlled Assembly/Disassembly of a Coordination Cage
V Croué, S Goeb, G Szalóki, M Allain, M Sallé
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (5), 1746-1750, 2016
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G Szalóki, V Croué, V Carré, F Aubriet, O Alévêque, E Levillain, M Allain, ...
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Redox‐Driven Transformation of a Discrete Molecular Cage into an Infinite 3D Coordination Polymer
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Design and synthesis of 21-alkynylaryl pregnenolone derivatives and evaluation of their anticancer activity
G Szalóki, A Pantzou, KC Prousis, O Mavrofrydi, P Papazafiri, ...
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G Szalóki, L Sanguinet
Photon-working switches, 69-91, 2017
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