bruno de la torre
bruno de la torre
Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
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Non-covalent control of spin-state in metal-organic complex by positioning on N-doped graphene
B de la Torre, M Švec, P Hapala, J Redondo, O Krejčí, R Lo, D Manna, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
Tailoring topological order and π-conjugation to engineer quasi-metallic polymers
B Cirera, A Sánchez-Grande, B de la Torre, J Santos, S Edalatmanesh, ...
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On‐Surface Synthesis of Ethynylene‐Bridged Anthracene Polymers
A Sánchez‐Grande, B De la Torre, J Santos, B Cirera, K Lauwaet, ...
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B de la Torre, M Švec, G Foti, O Krejčí, P Hapala, A Garcia-Lekue, ...
Physical review letters 119 (16), 166001, 2017
Atomic-scale variations of the mechanical response of 2D materials detected by noncontact atomic force microscopy
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On-surface synthesis of gold porphyrin derivatives via a cascade of chemical interactions: Planarization, self-metalation, and intermolecular coupling
B Cirera, B de la Torre, D Moreno, M Ondráček, R Zbořil, R Miranda, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (9), 3248-3256, 2019
Nitrous oxide as an effective AFM tip functionalization: a comparative study
T Chutora, B de la Torre, P Mutombo, J Hellerstedt, J Kopeček, P Jelínek, ...
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On-Surface Structural and Electronic Properties of Spontaneously Formed Tb Pc Single Molecule Magnets
PJ Jack Hellerstedt, Aleš Cahlík, Martin Švec, Bruno de la Torre, María Moro ...
Nanoscale 10, 15553-15563, 2018
Tailoring π-conjugation and vibrational modes to steer on-surface synthesis of pentalene-bridged ladder polymers
B de la Torre, A Matěj, A Sánchez-Grande, B Cirera, B Mallada, ...
Nature Communications 11 (4567), 4567(1)-4567(8), 2020
Adsorption and Growth of 1, 3, 5-Triazine on Cu (111) at Low Temperature under Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions
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Stable Au–C bonds to the substrate for fullerene-based nanostructures
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Multiscale Analysis of Phase Transformations in Self-Assembled Layers of 4, 4′-Biphenyl Dicarboxylic Acid on the Ag (001) Surface
P Procházka, MA Gosalvez, L Kormoš, B de la Torre, A Gallardo, ...
ACS nano 14 (6), 7269-7279, 2020
Thermally induced intra-molecular transformation and metalation of free-base porphyrin on Au (111) surface steered by surface confinement and ad-atoms
D Sen, P Błoński, B de la Torre, P Jelínek, M Otyepka
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Atomic scale control and visualization of topological quantum phase transition in {\pi}-conjugated polymers driven by their length
H González-Herrero, J Mendieta-Moreno, S Edalatmanesh, J Santos, ...
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VM Santhini, O Stetsovych, M Ondráček, JI Mendieta Moreno, P Mutombo, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (5), 2006391, 2021
On-surface mechanochemistry synthesis of non-alternant non-benzenoid aromatic compounds containing 4 to 8-membered rings
B Mallada, B de la Torre, JI Mendieta-Moreno, D Nachtigalova, A Matej, ...
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Xenon on Graphene/Pt (111) at Low Temperature: Influence of the Metal Support
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Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
D Manna, B de la Torre, M Švec, P Hapala, J Redondo, O Krejčí, R Lo, ...
Physical Chemistry 2018, 2018
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