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Hongyu Luo
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Black phosphorus: a two-dimension saturable absorption material for mid-infrared Q-switched and mode-locked fiber lasers
J Li, H Luo, B Zhai, R Lu, Z Guo, H Zhang, Y Liu
Scientific reports 6 (1), 30361, 2016
A robust and tuneable mid-infrared optical switch enabled by bulk Dirac fermions
C Zhu, F Wang, Y Meng, X Yuan, F Xiu, H Luo, Y Wang, J Li, X Lv, L He, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 14111, 2017
All-fiber passively mode-locked Tm-doped NOLM-based oscillator operating at 2-μm in both soliton and noisy-pulse regimes
J Li, Z Zhang, Z Sun, H Luo, Y Liu, Z Yan, C Mou, L Zhang, SK Turitsyn
Optics express 22 (7), 7875-7882, 2014
3-μm mid-infrared pulse generation using topological insulator as the saturable absorber
J Li, H Luo, L Wang, C Zhao, H Zhang, H Li, Y Liu
Optics letters 40 (15), 3659-3662, 2015
An ultrabroadband Mid‐infrared pulsed optical switch employing solution‐processed bismuth oxyselenide
X Tian, H Luo, R Wei, C Zhu, Q Guo, D Yang, F Wang, J Li, J Qiu
Advanced Materials 30 (31), 1801021, 2018
Passively Q-switched mid-infrared fluoride fiber laser around 3 m using a tungsten disulfide (WS2) saturable absorber
C Wei, H Luo, H Zhang, C Li, J Xie, J Li, Y Liu
Laser physics letters 13 (10), 105108, 2016
Wide wavelength selectable all-fiber thulium doped fiber laser between 1925 nm and 2200 nm
J Li, Z Sun, H Luo, Z Yan, K Zhou, Y Liu, L Zhang
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Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror passively Q-switched 2.97 μm fluoride fiber laser
JF Li, HY Luo, YL He, Y Liu, L Zhang, KM Zhou, AG Rozhin, SK Turistyn
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Thulium-doped all-fiber mode-locked laser based on NPR and 45-tilted fiber grating
J Li, Z Yan, Z Sun, H Luo, Y He, Z Li, Y Liu, L Zhang
Optics Express 22 (25), 31020-31028, 2014
Antimonene: a long-term stable two-dimensional saturable absorption material under ambient conditions for the mid-infrared spectral region
H Luo, X Tian, Y Gao, R Wei, J Li, J Qiu, Y Liu
Photonics Research 6 (9), 900-907, 2018
Mid-infrared passively switched pulsed dual wavelength Ho3+-doped fluoride fiber laser at 3 μm and 2 μm
J Li, H Luo, L Wang, Y Liu, Z Yan, K Zhou, L Zhang, SK Turistsyn
Scientific reports 5 (1), 10770, 2015
Tunable Fe2+:ZnSe passively Q-switched Ho3+-doped ZBLAN fiber laser around 3 μm
J Li, H Luo, L Wang, B Zhai, H Li, Y Liu
Optics Express 23 (17), 22362-22370, 2015
Widely wavelength tunable gain-switched Er3+-doped ZBLAN fiber laser around 2.8 μm
C Wei, H Luo, H Shi, YJ Lyu, H Zhang, Y Liu
Optics Express 25 (8), 8816-8827, 2017
Kelly sideband suppression and wavelength tuning of a conventional soliton in a Tm-doped hybrid mode-locked fiber laser with an all-fiber Lyot filter
J Li, Y Wang, H Luo, Y Liu, Z Yan, Z Sun, L Zhang
Photonics Research 7 (2), 103-109, 2019
Tunable passively Q-switched Dy3+-doped fiber laser from 2.71 to 3.08  μm using PbS nanoparticles
H Luo, J Li, Y Gao, Y Xu, X Li, Y Liu
Optics Letters 44 (9), 2322-2325, 2019
Watt-level gain-switched fiber laser at 3.46 μm
H Luo, J Yang, F Liu, Z Hu, Y Xu, F Yan, H Peng, F Ouellette, J Li, Y Liu
Optics Express 27 (2), 1367-1375, 2019
34 nm-wavelength-tunable picosecond Ho3+/Pr3+-codoped ZBLAN fiber laser
C Wei, H Shi, H Luo, H Zhang, YJ Lyu, Y Liu
Optics express 25 (16), 19170-19178, 2017
Large aspect ratio gold nanorods (LAR-GNRs) for mid-infrared pulse generation with a tunable wavelength near 3 μm
H Luo, Z Kang, Y Gao, H Peng, J Li, G Qin, Y Liu
Optics Express 27 (4), 4886-4896, 2019
Modeling and optimization of cascaded erbium and holmium doped fluoride fiber lasers
J Li, H Luo, Y Liu, L Zhang, SD Jackson
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (5), 15-28, 2013
Fe3O4 nanoparticles as a saturable absorber for a tunable Q-switched dysprosium laser around 3  μm
J Yang, J Hu, H Luo, J Li, J Liu, X Li, Y Liu
Photonics Research 8 (1), 70-77, 2020
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