Gregory Moille
Gregory Moille
Research Scientist, Joint Quantum Institute, UMD/ NIST
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Ultra-efficient frequency comb generation in AlGaAs-on-insulator microresonators
L Chang, W Xie, H Shu, QF Yang, B Shen, A Boes, JD Peters, W Jin, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1331, 2020
Chip-integrated visible–telecom entangled photon pair source for quantum communication
X Lu, Q Li, DA Westly, G Moille, A Singh, V Anant, K Srinivasan
Nature physics 15 (4), 373-381, 2019
Efficient photoinduced second-harmonic generation in silicon nitride photonics
X Lu, G Moille, A Rao, DA Westly, K Srinivasan
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X Lu, G Moille, Q Li, DA Westly, A Singh, A Rao, SP Yu, TC Briles, ...
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SP Yu, DC Cole, H Jung, GT Moille, K Srinivasan, SB Papp
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Dissipative Kerr Solitons in a III-V Microresonator
G Moille, L Chang, W Xie, A Rao, X Lu, M Davanco, JE Bowers, ...
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Broadband resonator-waveguide coupling for efficient extraction of octave-spanning microcombs
G Moille, Q Li, TC Briles, SP Yu, T Drake, X Lu, A Rao, D Westly, SB Papp, ...
Optics letters 44 (19), 4737-4740, 2019
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X Lu, G Moille, A Singh, Q Li, DA Westly, A Rao, SP Yu, TC Briles, ...
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S Mittal, G Moille, K Srinivasan, Chembo, Y K., M Hafezi
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Ultra-broadband Kerr microcomb through soliton spectral translation
G Moille, EF Perez, JR Stone, A Rao, X Lu, TS Rahman, YK Chembo, ...
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Tuning Kerr-soliton frequency combs to atomic resonances
SP Yu, TC Briles, GT Moille, X Lu, SA Diddams, K Srinivasan, SB Papp
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Kerr-Microresonator Soliton Frequency Combs at Cryogenic Temperatures
G Moille, X Lu, A Rao, Q Li, DA Westly, L Ranzani, SB Papp, M Soltani, ...
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Comb of high‐Q Resonances in a Compact Photonic Cavity
S Combrié, G Lehoucq, G Moille, A Martin, A De Rossi
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On-chip optical parametric oscillation into the visible: generating red, orange, yellow, and green from a near-infrared pump
X Lu, G Moille, A Rao, DA Westly, K Srinivasan
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Optomechanical gigahertz oscillator made of a two photon absorption free piezoelectric III/V semiconductor
I Ghorbel, F Swiadek, R Zhu, D Dolfi, G Lehoucq, A Martin, G Moille, ...
APL Photonics 4 (11), 2019
Integrated all‐optical switch with 10 ps time resolution enabled by ALD
G Moille, S Combrié, L Morgenroth, G Lehoucq, F Neuilly, B Hu, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 10 (3), 409-419, 2016
Phased-locked two-color single soliton microcombs in dispersion-engineered Si3N4 resonators
G Moille, Q Li, S Kim, D Westly, K Srinivasan
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Hybrid InP and SiN integration of an octave-spanning frequency comb
TC Briles, SP Yu, L Chang, C Xiang, J Guo, D Kinghorn, G Moille, ...
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Universal frequency engineering tool for microcavity nonlinear optics: multiple selective mode splitting of whispering-gallery resonances
X Lu, A Rao, G Moille, DA Westly, K Srinivasan
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Silicon-phosphorene nanocavity-enhanced optical emission at telecommunications wavelengths
C Husko, J Kang, G Moille, JD Wood, Z Han, D Gosztola, X Ma, ...
Nano letters 18 (10), 6515-6520, 2018
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