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Tamer S Kaoud
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Targeted silencing of elongation factor 2 kinase suppresses growth and sensitizes tumors to doxorubicin in an orthotopic model of breast cancer
I Tekedereli, SN Alpay, CDJ Tavares, ZE Cobanoglu, TS Kaoud, I Sahin, ...
PloS one 7 (7), 2012
193‐nm photodissociation of singly and multiply charged peptide anions for acidic proteome characterization
JA Madsen, TS Kaoud, KN Dalby, JS Brodbelt
Proteomics 11 (7), 1329-1334, 2011
Calcium/calmodulin stimulates the autophosphorylation of elongation factor 2 kinase on Thr-348 and Ser-500 to regulate its activity and calcium dependence
CDJ Tavares, JP O’Brien, O Abramczyk, AK Devkota, KS Shores, ...
Biochemistry 51 (11), 2232-2245, 2012
Nonvisual arrestins function as simple scaffolds assembling the MKK4–JNK3α2 signaling complex
X Zhan, TS Kaoud, KN Dalby, VV Gurevich
Biochemistry 50 (48), 10520-10529, 2011
In-situ generation of differential sensors that fingerprint kinases and the cellular response to their expression
D Zamora-Olivares, TS Kaoud, KN Dalby, EV Anslyn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (39), 14814-14820, 2013
Investigating the kinetic mechanism of inhibition of elongation factor 2 kinase by NH125: evidence of a common in vitro artifact
AK Devkota, CDJ Tavares, M Warthaka, O Abramczyk, KD Marshall, ...
Biochemistry 51 (10), 2100-2112, 2012
JNK3 enzyme binding to arrestin-3 differentially affects the recruitment of upstream mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase kinases
X Zhan, TS Kaoud, S Kook, KN Dalby, VV Gurevich
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (40), 28535-28547, 2013
Arrestin-3 binds c-Jun N-terminal kinase 1 (JNK1) and JNK2 and facilitates the activation of these ubiquitous JNK isoforms in cells via scaffolding
S Kook, X Zhan, TS Kaoud, KN Dalby, VV Gurevich, EV Gurevich
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (52), 37332-37342, 2013
Development of JNK2-selective peptide inhibitors that inhibit breast cancer cell migration
TS Kaoud, S Mitra, S Lee, J Taliaferro, M Cantrell, KD Linse, ...
ACS chemical biology 6 (6), 658-666, 2011
Activated ERK2 is a monomer in vitro with or without divalent cations and when complexed to the cytoplasmic scaffold PEA-15
TS Kaoud, AK Devkota, R Harris, MS Rana, O Abramczyk, M Warthaka, ...
Biochemistry 50 (21), 4568-4578, 2011
Solution NMR insights into docking interactions involving inactive ERK2
A Piserchio, M Warthaka, AK Devkota, TS Kaoud, S Lee, O Abramczyk, ...
Biochemistry 50 (18), 3660-3672, 2011
Understanding the specificity of a docking interaction between JNK1 and the scaffolding protein JIP1
C Yan, T Kaoud, S Lee, KN Dalby, P Ren
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (6), 1491-1502, 2011
Peptide mini-scaffold facilitates JNK3 activation in cells
X Zhan, H Stoy, TS Kaoud, NA Perry, Q Chen, A Perez, S Els-Heindl, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Differential sensing of MAP kinases using SOX‐peptides
D Zamora‐Olivares, TS Kaoud, J Jose, A Ellington, KN Dalby, EV Anslyn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (51), 14064-14068, 2014
c-Jun N-terminal kinase promotes stem cell phenotype in triple-negative breast cancer through upregulation of Notch1 via activation of c-Jun
X Xie, TS Kaoud, R Edupuganti, T Zhang, T Kogawa, Y Zhao, ...
Oncogene 36 (18), 2599-2608, 2017
High-throughput database search and large-scale negative polarity liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry with ultraviolet photodissociation for complex proteomic samples
JA Madsen, H Xu, MR Robinson, AP Horton, JB Shaw, DK Giles, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 12 (9), 2604-2614, 2013
Examining docking interactions on ERK2 with modular peptide substrates
S Lee, M Warthaka, C Yan, TS Kaoud, P Ren, KN Dalby
Biochemistry 50 (44), 9500-9510, 2011
Charge‐Site‐Dependent Dissociation of Hydrogen‐Rich Radical Peptide Cations upon Vacuum UV Photoexcitation
JA Madsen, RR Cheng, TS Kaoud, KN Dalby, DE Makarov, JS Brodbelt
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (17), 5374-5383, 2012
Computational insights for the discovery of non-ATP competitive inhibitors of MAP kinases
M J Schnieders, T S Kaoud, C Yan, K N Dalby, P Ren
Current pharmaceutical design 18 (9), 1173-1185, 2012
From in silico discovery to intracellular activity: targeting JNK–protein interactions with small molecules
TS Kaoud, C Yan, S Mitra, CC Tseng, J Jose, JM Taliaferro, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 3 (9), 721-725, 2012
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