Théo Tacail
Théo Tacail
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow, University of Bristol
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Calcium isotope evidence for dramatic increase of continental weathering during the Toarcian oceanic anoxic event (Early Jurassic)
JM Brazier, G Suan, T Tacail, L Simon, JE Martin, E Mattioli, V Balter
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 411, 164-176, 2015
A simplified protocol for measurement of Ca isotopes in biological samples
T Tacail, E Albalat, P Télouk, V Balter
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 29 (3), 529-535, 2014
Precise analysis of calcium stable isotope variations in biological apatites using laser ablation MC-ICPMS
T Tacail, P Télouk, V Balter
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 31 (1), 152-162, 2016
Calcium isotopes reveal the trophic position of extant and fossil elasmobranchs
JE Martin, T Tacail, S Adnet, C Girard, V Balter
Chemical Geology 415, 118-225, 2015
Non‐traditional isotope perspectives in vertebrate palaeobiology
JE Martin, T Tacail, V Balter
Palaeontology 60 (4), 485-502, 2017
Assessing human weaning practices with calcium isotopes in tooth enamel
T Tacail, B Thivichon-Prince, JE Martin, C Charles, L Viriot, V Balter
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (24), 6268-6273, 2017
Calcium isotopes offer clues on resource partitioning among Cretaceous predatory dinosaurs
A Hassler, JE Martin, R Amiot, T Tacail, FA Godet, R Allain, V Balter
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1876), 20180197, 2018
Calcium isotopic evidence for vulnerable marine ecosystem structure prior to the K/Pg extinction
JE Martin, P Vincent, T Tacail, F Khaldoune, E Jourani, N Bardet, V Balter
Current Biology 27 (11), 1641-1644. e2, 2017
Spatial distribution of trace element Ca-normalized ratios in primary and permanent human tooth enamel
T Tacail, L Kovačiková, J Brůžek, V Balter
Science of the Total Environment 603, 308-318, 2017
Calcium stable isotopes place Devonian conodonts as first level consumers
V Balter, JE Martin, T Tacail, G Suan, S Renaud, C Girard
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 10, 36-39, 2019
Calcium isotopes in enamel of modern and Plio-Pleistocene East African mammals
JE Martin, T Tacail, TE Cerling, V Balter
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 503, 227-235, 2018
Calcium isotopic patterns in enamel reflect different nursing behaviors among South African early hominins
T Tacail, JE Martin, F Arnaud-Godet, JF Thackeray, TE Cerling, J Braga, ...
Science advances 5 (8), eaax3250, 2019
Identifying anaemias in prehistoric Cyprus: An innovative approach at the crossroads of classic and new methods
F Le Mort, B Chamel, D Guiserix, E Albalat, T Tacail, S Bernardini, ...
Présentation du projet IDF/FRM: Femmes et alimentation dans les premières sociétés agropastorales (Ve-IIIe millénaires av. J.-C., France): une approche bio-anthropologique …
G Goude, G André, V Balter, D Binder, L Bouby, MF Deguilloux, J Courtin, ...
Physiologie isotopique du Calcium chez les mammifères
T Tacail
Tracking dietary changes and mobility patterns at a near weekly scale during childhood by LA-ICP-MS analysis in dental enamel: an experimental study on a Neolithic population …
L Rey, T Tacail, V Balter, S Rottier, G Goude
Tracking male vs. female Neolithic behaviors: a new multi-element and multi-isotope-ratio analysis to reconstruct diet and mobility in northern France Léonie REY, Théo TACAIL …
The twentieth anniversary of the Buia Project: vertebrate palaeontology in the Early Pleistocene of Eritrea (East Africa).
M Delfino, E Abbate, V Balter, L Bondioli, G Carnevale, A Coppa, ...
XIII Meeting of the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists, 78-78, 2015
A simplified protocol for measurement of Ca isotopes in biological samples
E Albalat, T Tacail, P Telouk, V Balter
Determination of Radiogenic 87Sr/86Sr and Stable δ88/86SrSRM987 Isotope Values of Thirteen Mineral, Vegetal and Animal Reference Materials by DS‐TIMS
JM Brazier, AD Schmitt, E Pelt, D Lemarchand, S Gangloff, T Tacail, ...
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