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Dominique MORVAN
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Modeling the propagation of a wildfire through a Mediterranean shrub using a multiphase formulation
D Morvan, JL Dupuy
Combustion and flame 138 (3), 199-210, 2004
Modeling of fire spread through a forest fuel bed using a multiphase formulation
D Morvan, JL Dupuy
Combustion and flame 127 (1-2), 1981-1994, 2001
Firespread through fuel beds: modeling of wind-aided fires and induced hydrodynamics
B Porterie, D Morvan, JC Loraud, M Larini
Physics of Fluids 12 (7), 1762-1782, 2000
Fires from a cylindrical forest fuel burner: combustion dynamics and flame properties
JL Dupuy, J Marechal, D Morvan
Combustion and Flame 135 (1-2), 65-76, 2003
Physical modelling of fire spread in grasslands
D Morvan, S Meradji, G Accary
Fire Safety Journal 44 (1), 50-61, 2009
Physical phenomena and length scales governing the behaviour of wildfires: a case for physical modelling
D Morvan
Fire technology 47 (2), 437-460, 2011
Numerical study of a crown fire spreading toward a fuel break using a multiphase physical model
JL Dupuy, D Morvan
International Journal of Wildland Fire 14 (2), 141-151, 2005
Computational solution for fluid flow under solid/liquid phase change conditions
M El Ganaoui, A Lamazouade, P Bontoux, D Morvan
Computers & Fluids 31 (4-7), 539-556, 2002
Numerical simulation of a 2-D crystal growth problem in vertical Bridgman–Stockbarger furnace: latent heat effect and crystal–melt interface morphology
D Morvan, M El Ganaoui, P Bontoux
International journal of heat and mass transfer 42 (3), 573-579, 1999
Modeling of one dimensional fire spread in pine needles with opposing air flow
D Morvan, M Larini
Combustion Science and Technology 164 (1), 37-64, 2001
Numerical simulation of coherent structures over plant canopy
K Gavrilov, G Accary, D Morvan, D Lyubimov, S Méradji, O Bessonov
Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 86 (1), 89-111, 2011
Wildfire propagation: a two-dimensional multiphase approach
B Porterie, D Morvan, M Larini, JC Loraud
Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves 34 (2), 139-150, 1998
Localisation d'un front de solidification en interaction avec un bain fondu instationnaire
M El Ganaoui, P Bontoux, D Morvan
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIB-Mechanics-Physics …, 1999
Numerical simulation of the interaction between two fire fronts in grassland and shrubland
D Morvan, C Hoffman, F Rego, W Mell
Fire Safety Journal 46 (8), 469-479, 2011
A numerical study of flame geometry and potential for crown fire initiation for a wildfire propagating through shrub fuel
D Morvan
International Journal of Wildland Fire 16 (5), 511-518, 2007
Numerical simulation of turbulent diffusion flame in cross flow
D Morvan, B Porterie, M Larini, JC Loraud
Combustion science and technology 140 (1-6), 93-122, 1998
Optimized parallel approach for 3D modelling of forest fire behaviour
G Accary, O Bessonov, D Fougère, S Meradji, D Morvan
International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies, 96-102, 2007
Effect of vegetation heterogeneity on radiative transfer in forest fires
F Pimont, JL Dupuy, Y Caraglio, D Morvan
International journal of wildland fire 18 (5), 536-553, 2009
A numerical study of buoyant plumes in cross-flow conditions
B Porterie, JC Loraud, D Morvan, M Larini
International Journal of Wildland Fire 9 (2), 101-108, 1999
A multiphase model for predicting line fire propagation
B Porterie, D Morvan, JC Loraud, M Larini
III International Conference on Forest Fire Research, 14th Conference on …, 1998
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