Brice Corgnet
Brice Corgnet
Emlyon Business School, GATE-CNRS
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Goal setting and monetary incentives: When large stakes are not enough
B Corgnet, J Gómez-Miñambres, R Hernán-Gonzalez
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The effect of earned versus house money on price bubble formation in experimental asset markets
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Why real leisure really matters: Incentive effects on real effort in the laboratory
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What makes a good trader? On the role of intuition and reflection on trader performance
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Deliberation favours social efficiency by making people disregard their relative shares: evidence from USA and India
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Peer pressure and moral hazard in teams: Experimental evidence
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Creativity and cognitive skills among millennials: Thinking too much and creating too little
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Reaction to public information in markets: how much does ambiguity matter?
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Team formation and self‐serving biases
B Corgnet
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B Corgnet, R Hernán-González
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Firing threats: Incentive effects and impression management
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The role of the decision-making regime on cooperation in a workgroup social dilemma: an examination of cyberloafing
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Don't ask me if you will not listen: The dilemma of consultative participation
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Management Science 60 (3), 560-585, 2014
Revisiting information aggregation in asset markets: Reflective learning & market efficiency
B Corgnet, M DeSantis, D Porter
Real effort, real leisure and real-time supervision: Incentives and peer pressure in virtual organizations
B Corgnet, R Hernan-Gonzalez, SJ Rassenti
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