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Michael Lauck
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Reorganization and expansion of the nidoviral family Arteriviridae
JH Kuhn, M Lauck, AL Bailey, AM Shchetinin, TV Vishnevskaya, Y Bào, ...
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M Lauck, SD Sibley, J Lara, MA Purdy, Y Khudyakov, D Hyeroba, ...
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Maternal CD4+ T cells protect against severe congenital cytomegalovirus disease in a novel nonhuman primate model of placental cytomegalovirus transmission
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GB virus C coinfections in west African Ebola patients
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Analysis of hepatitis C virus intrahost diversity across the coding region by ultradeep pyrosequencing
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Simian hemorrhagic fever virus cell entry is dependent on CD163 and uses a clathrin-mediated endocytosis-like pathway
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Inter-and intra-host viral diversity in a large seasonal DENV2 outbreak
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Discovery and full genome characterization of two highly divergent simian immunodeficiency viruses infecting black-and-white colobus monkeys (Colobus guereza) in Kibale …
M Lauck, WM Switzer, SD Sibley, D Hyeroba, A Tumukunde, G Weny, ...
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Microbial translocation and inflammation occur in hyperacute immunodeficiency virus infection and compromise host control of virus replication
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Journal of virology 88 (22), 13231-13239, 2014
Whole genome sequencing of SIV-infected macaques identifies candidate loci that may contribute to host control of virus replication
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M Lauck, SV Alkhovsky, Y Bào, AL Bailey, ZV Shevtsova, AM Shchetinin, ...
Journal of virology 89 (15), 8082-8087, 2015
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