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Tomi Taira
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Long-lasting GABA-mediated depolarization evoked by high-frequency stimulation in pyramidal neurons of rat hippocampal slice is attributable to a network-driven, bicarbonate …
K Kaila, K Lamsa, S Smirnov, T Taira, J Voipio
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Transgenic mice overexpressing the full-length neurotrophin receptor trkB exhibit increased activation of the trkB–PLCγ pathway, reduced anxiety, and facilitated learning
E Koponen, V Võikar, R Riekki, T Saarelainen, T Rauramaa, H Rauvala, ...
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Syndecan-3-deficient mice exhibit enhanced LTP and impaired hippocampus-dependent memory
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Enhanced hippocampal long-term potentiation in mice lacking heparin-binding growth-associated molecule
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Noradrenergic activity in rat brain during rapid eye movement sleep deprivation and rebound sleep
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Functional maturation of CA1 synapses involves activity-dependent loss of tonic kainate receptor-mediated inhibition of glutamate release
SE Lauri, A Vesikansa, M Segerstråle, GL Collingridge, JTR Isaac, T Taira
Neuron 50 (3), 415-429, 2006
Reg1ulatory role and molecular interactions of a cell-surface heparan sulfate proteoglycan (N-syndecan) in hippocampal long-term potentiation
SE Lauri, S Kaukinen, T Kinnunen, A Ylinen, S Imai, K Kaila, T Taira, ...
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Endogenous activation of kainate receptors regulates glutamate release and network activity in the developing hippocampus
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Synaptic GABAA Activation Inhibits AMPA-Kainate Receptor–Mediated Bursting in the Newborn (P0–P2) Rat Hippocampus
K Lamsa, JM Palva, E Ruusuvuori, K Kaila, T Taira
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pH transients due to monosynaptic activation of GABAA receptors in rat hippocampal slices.
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Posttetanic excitation mediated by GABAA receptors in rat CA1 pyramidal neurons
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Effects of C02 on excitatory transmission apparently caused by changes in intracellular pH in the rat hippocampal slice
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Presynaptic mechanisms involved in the expression of STP and LTP at CA1 synapses in the hippocampus
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Role of heparin-binding growth-associated molecule (HB-GAM) in hippocampal LTP and spatial learning revealed by studies on overexpressing and knockout mice
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Use-Dependent Shift From Inhibitory to Excitatory GABAA Receptor Action in SP-O Interneurons in the Rat Hippocampal CA3 Area
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Fast Network Oscillations in the Newborn Rat HippocampusIn Vitro
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Postnatal development of rat hippocampal gamma rhythm in vivo
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Activity blockade increases the number of functional synapses in the hippocampus of newborn rats
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Intrinsic proton modulation of excitatory transmission in rat hippocampal slices.
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Profound regulation of neonatal CA1 rat hippocampal GABAergic transmission by functionally distinct kainate receptor populations
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The Journal of physiology 567 (1), 131-142, 2005
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