Eric Mazur
Eric Mazur
Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics
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Peer instruction: Ten years of experience and results
CH Crouch, E Mazur
American journal of physics 69 (9), 970-977, 2001
Femtosecond laser micromachining in transparent materials
RR Gattass, E Mazur
Nature photonics 2 (4), 219, 2008
Subwavelength-diameter silica wires for low-loss optical wave guiding
L Tong, RR Gattass, JB Ashcom, S He, J Lou, M Shen, I Maxwell, E Mazur
Nature 426 (6968), 816, 2003
Three-dimensional optical storage inside transparent materials
EN Glezer, M Milosavljevic, L Huang, RJ Finlay, TH Her, JP Callan, ...
Optics letters 21 (24), 2023-2025, 1996
Micromachining bulk glass by use of femtosecond laser pulses with nanojoule energy
CB Schaffer, A Brodeur, JF García, E Mazur
Optics letters 26 (2), 93-95, 2001
Microstructuring of silicon with femtosecond laser pulses
TH Her, RJ Finlay, C Wu, S Deliwala, E Mazur
Applied Physics Letters 73 (12), 1673-1675, 1998
Ultrafast-laser driven micro-explosions in transparent materials
EN Glezer, E Mazur
Applied Physics Letters 71 (7), 882-884, 1997
Laser-induced breakdown and damage in bulk transparent materials induced by tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses
CB Schaffer, A Brodeur, E Mazur
Measurement Science and Technology 12 (11), 1784, 2001
Inducing and probing non-thermal transitions in semiconductors using femtosecond laser pulses
SK Sundaram, E Mazur
Nature materials 1 (4), 217, 2002
Single-mode guiding properties of subwavelength-diameter silica and silicon wire waveguides
L Tong, J Lou, E Mazur
Optics Express 12 (6), 1025-1035, 2004
Farewell, lecture?
E Mazur
Science 323 (5910), 50-51, 2009
Viscoelastic retraction of single living stress fibers and its impact on cell shape, cytoskeletal organization, and extracellular matrix mechanics
S Kumar, IZ Maxwell, A Heisterkamp, TR Polte, TP Lele, M Salanga, ...
Biophysical journal 90 (10), 3762-3773, 2006
Peer instruction: Results from a range of classrooms
AP Fagen, CH Crouch, E Mazur
The physics teacher 40 (4), 206-209, 2002
Near-unity below-band-gap absorption by microstructured silicon
C Wu, CH Crouch, L Zhao, JE Carey, R Younkin, JA Levinson, E Mazur, ...
Applied Physics Letters 78 (13), 1850-1852, 2001
Bulk heating of transparent materials using a high-repetition-rate femtosecond laser
CB Schaffer, JF García, E Mazur
Applied Physics A 76 (3), 351-354, 2003
Superhydrophobic surfaces prepared by microstructuring of silicon using a femtosecond laser
T Baldacchini, JE Carey, M Zhou, E Mazur
Langmuir 22 (11), 4917-4919, 2006
Peer instruction: From Harvard to the two-year college
N Lasry, E Mazur, J Watkins
American Journal of Physics 76 (11), 1066-1069, 2008
Comparison of structure and properties of femtosecond and nanosecond laser-structured silicon
CH Crouch, JE Carey, JM Warrender, MJ Aziz, E Mazur, FY Génin
Applied Physics Letters 84 (11), 1850-1852, 2004
Reducing the gender gap in the physics classroom
M Lorenzo, CH Crouch, E Mazur
American Journal of Physics 74 (2), 118-122, 2006
Peer instruction: Engaging students one-on-one, all at once
CH Crouch, J Watkins, AP Fagen, E Mazur
Research-based reform of university physics 1 (1), 40-95, 2007
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