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Wolfgang Raffelsberger
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EGFR and EphA2 are host factors for hepatitis C virus entry and possible targets for antiviral therapy
J Lupberger, MB Zeisel, F Xiao, C Thumann, I Fofana, L Zona, C Davis, ...
Nature medicine 17 (5), 589-595, 2011
Retinoic acid-induced apoptosis in leukemia cells is mediated by paracrine action of tumor-selective death ligand TRAIL
L Altucci, A Rossin, W Raffelsberger, A Reitmair, C Chomienne, ...
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Rfx6 is an Ngn3-dependent winged helix transcription factor required for pancreatic islet cell development
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Immunogenic presentation of a conserved gp41 epitope of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 on recombinant surface antigen of hepatitis B virus
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RAR‐independent RXR signaling induces t (15; 17) leukemia cell maturation
G Benoit, L Altucci, M Flexor, S Ruchaud, J Lillehaug, W Raffelsberger, ...
The EMBO Journal, 1999
The disruption of the rod-derived cone viability gene leads to photoreceptor dysfunction and susceptibility to oxidative stress
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Analysis of the retinal gene expression profile after hypoxic preconditioning identifies candidate genes for neuroprotection
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Filtering genes to improve sensitivity in oligonucleotide microarray data analysis
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Transcriptomic analysis of human retinal detachment reveals both inflammatory response and photoreceptor death
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The molecular signature of the stroma response in prostate cancer-induced osteoblastic bone metastasis highlights expansion of hematopoietic and prostate epithelial stem cell …
BC Özdemir, J Hensel, C Secondini, A Wetterwald, R Schwaninger, ...
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In Vivo Topoisomerase I Inhibition Attenuates the Expression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1α Target Genes and Decreases Tumor Angiogenesis
E Guérin, W Raffelsberger, E Pencreach, A Maier, A Neuville, ...
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Density of points clustering, application to transcriptomic data analysis
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Thioredoxin rod-derived cone viability factor protects against photooxidative retinal damage
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Ubiquitin receptor protein UBASH3B drives Aurora B recruitment to mitotic microtubules
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KD4v: comprehensible knowledge discovery system for missense variant
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Functional microRNA screen uncovers O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase as a host factor modulating hepatitis C virus morphogenesis and infectivity
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Quality indicators increase the reliability of microarray data
W Raffelsberger, D Dembélé, MG Neubauer, MM Gottardis, ...
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Nxnl2 splicing results in dual functions in neuronal cell survival and maintenance of cell integrity
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Retinoic acid determines life span of leukemic cells by inducing antagonistic apoptosis-regulatory programs
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RETINOBASE: a web database, data mining and analysis platform for gene expression data on retina
RKR Kalathur, N Gagniere, G Berthommier, L Poidevin, W Raffelsberger, ...
BMC genomics 9, 1-10, 2008
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