Georges Beainy
Georges Beainy
Ingénieur-Chercheur CEA Saclay
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A photonic atom probe coupling 3D atomic scale analysis with in situ photoluminescence spectroscopy
J Houard, A Normand, E Di Russo, C Bacchi, P Dalapati, G Beainy, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (8), 083704, 2020
Observation of a nanoscale phase separation in blue-emitting Ce-doped SiO 1.5 thin films
J Weimmerskirch-Aubatin, M Stoffel, X Devaux, A Bouché, G Beainy, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (48), 12499-12506, 2015
Origin of Pr3+ luminescence in hafnium silicate films: combined atom probe tomography and TEM investigations
R Demoulin, G Beainy, C Castro, P Pareige, L Khomenkova, C Labbé, ...
Nano Futures 2 (3), 035005, 2018
Structural and optical study of Ce segregation in Ce-doped SiO1.5 thin films
G Beainy, J Weimmerskirch-Aubatin, M Stoffel, M Vergnat, H Rinnert, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (23), 234308, 2015
Suppression of self-organized surface nanopatterning on GaSb/InAs multilayers induced by low energy oxygen ion bombardment by using simultaneously sample rotation and oxygen …
G Beainy, T Cerba, F Bassani, M Martin, T Baron, JP Barnes
Applied Surface Science 441, 218-222, 2018
In Situ Spectroscopic Study of the Optomechanical Properties of Evaporating Field Ion Emitters
P Dalapati, G Beainy, E Di Russo, I Blum, J Houard, S Moldovan, A Vella, ...
Physical Review Applied 15 (2), 024014, 2021
On the interplay between Si-Er-O segregation and erbium silicate (Er2Si2O7) formation in Er-doped SiOx thin films
G Beainy, C Frilay, P Pareige, F Gourbilleau, E Talbot
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 755, 55-60, 2018
Correlation between the nanoscale structure and the optical properties of Ce-doped SiO1. 5 thin films
G Beainy, J Weimmerskirch-Aubatin, M Stoffel, M Vergnat, H Rinnert, ...
Journal of Luminescence 191, 88-91, 2017
Direct Insight into Ce-Silicates/Si-Nanoclusters Snowman-Like Janus Nanoparticles Formation in Ce-Doped SiOx Thin Layers
G Beainy, J Weimmerskirch-Aubatin, M Stoffel, M Vergnat, H Rinnert, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (22), 12447-12453, 2017
Atomic scale investigation of Si and Ce‐rich nanoclusters in Ce‐doped SiO1.5 thin films
G Beainy, J Weimmerskirch‐Aubatin, M Stoffel, M Vergnat, H Rinnert, ...
physica status solidi (c) 12 (12), 1313-1316, 2015
InAs/GaSb thin layers directly grown on nominal (0 0 1)-Si substrate by MOVPE for the fabrication of InAs FINFET
T Cerba, P Hauchecorne, M Martin, J Moeyaert, R Alcotte, B Salem, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 510, 18-22, 2019
Direct examination of Si atoms spatial distribution and clustering in GaAs thin films with atom probe tomography
G Beainy, R Alcotte, F Bassani, M Martin, A Grenier, T Baron, JP Barnes
Scripta Materialia 153, 109-113, 2018
Comprehension of peculiar local emission behavior of InGaAs quantum well by colocalized nanocharacterization combining cathodoluminescence and electron microscopy techniques
J Roque, G Beainy, N Rochat, N Bernier, S David, J Moeyaert, M Martin, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2018
Surface Modification of 304L Stainless Steel and Interface Engineering by HiPIMS Pre-Treatment
A Chabanon, A Michau, ML Schlegel, DC Gündüz, B Puga, F Miserque, ...
Coatings 12 (6), 727, 2022
Polarization-resolved photoluminescence study of an atom probe tip containing a ZnO-(Mg, Zn) O heterostructure
P Dalapati, EM Weikum, G Beainy, E Di Russo, J Houard, S Moldovan, ...
Oxide-based Materials and Devices XIII 12002, 122-130, 2022
Chemoheteroepitaxy of 3C‐SiC (111) on Si (111): Influence of pre‐deposited Ge on structure and composition
C Zgheib, MN Lubov, DV Kulikov, VS Kharlamov, S Thiele, FM Morales, ...
physica status solidi (a), 2021
Rare-earth clustering in silicon rich silica: precipitation mechanisms and optical properties
E Talbot, G Beainy, P Pareige, F Gourbilleau, J Weimmerskirch-Aubatin, ...
Spring EMRS 2017, 2017
Physico-chemical characterization of III-V heterostructures epitaxied on 300 mm Si substrates by Atom Probe Tomography and ToF-SIMS
G Beainy, T Cerba, R Alcotte, F Bassani, M Martin, A Grenier, T Baron, ...
2017 EMRS Fall Meeting, 2017
Etude structurale et optique de la précipitation des ions de terres-rares et des nanoparticules de silicium dans la silice pour des applications optiques
G Beainy
Normandie Université, France, 2016
Growth of silicon nanoparticles in silica by spinodal decomposition
E Talbot, M Roussel, C Pareige, G Beainy, F Gourbilleau, P Pareige
Spring EMRS 2016, 2016
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