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M Drache, P Roussel, JP Wignacourt
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Silicon‐Microtube Scaffold Decorated with Anatase TiO2 as a Negative Electrode for a 3D Litium‐Ion Microbattery
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Inter‐and Intramolecular Hydroamination of Unactivated Alkenes Catalysed by a Combination of Copper and Silver Salts: The Unveiling of a Brønstedt Acid Catalysis
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Synthesis and X-ray structure of a borohydrido metallocene of neodymium and its use as pre-catalyst in Nd/Mg dual-component ethylene and isoprene polymerisations
M Visseaux, T Chenal, P Roussel, A Mortreux
Journal of organometallic chemistry 691 (1-2), 86-92, 2006
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