Clément Falaise
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Capture of iodine in highly stable metal–organic frameworks: a systematic study
C Falaise, C Volkringer, J Facqueur, T Bousquet, L Gasnot, T Loiseau
Chemical Communications 49 (87), 10320-10322, 2013
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C Falaise, JS Charles, C Volkringer, T Loiseau
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Three‐Dimensional MOF‐Type Architectures with Tetravalent Uranium Hexanuclear Motifs (U6O8)
C Falaise, C Volkringer, JF Vigier, N Henry, A Beaurain, T Loiseau
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (17), 5324-5331, 2013
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C Falaise, MA Moussawi, S Floquet, PA Abramov, MN Sokolov, M Haouas, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018
Mixed Formate-Dicarboxylate Coordination Polymers with Tetravalent Uranium: Occurrence of Tetranuclear {U4O4} and Hexanuclear {U6O4(OH)4} Motifs
C Falaise, C Volkringer, T Loiseau
Crystal growth & design 13 (7), 3225-3231, 2013
Structural Observations of Heterometallic Uranyl Copper (II) Carboxylates and Their Solid‐State Topotactic Transformation upon Dehydration
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AS Munn, F Millange, M Frigoli, N Guillou, C Falaise, V Stevenson, ...
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The Key Role of U28 in the Aqueous Self‐Assembly of Uranyl Peroxide Nanocages
C Falaise, M Nyman
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (41), 14678-14687, 2016
Host–Guest Binding Hierarchy within Redox‐and Luminescence‐Responsive Supramolecular Self‐Assembly Based on Chalcogenide Clusters and γ‐Cyclodextrin
AA Ivanov, C Falaise, PA Abramov, MA Shestopalov, K Kirakci, K Lang, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (51), 13467-13478, 2018
Capture of actinides (Th 4+,[UO 2] 2+) and surrogating lanthanide (Nd 3+) in porous metal–organic framework MIL-100 (Al) from water: Selectivity and imaging of embedded …
C Falaise, C Volkringer, R Giovine, B Prelot, M Huve, T Loiseau
Dalton Transactions 46 (36), 12010-12014, 2017
Chemical stabilization and electrochemical destabilization of the iron Keggin ion in water
O Sadeghi, C Falaise, PI Molina, R Hufschmid, CF Campana, BC Noll, ...
Inorganic chemistry 55 (21), 11078-11088, 2016
Coordination polymers of uranium (iv) terephthalates
C Falaise, A Assen, I Mihalcea, C Volkringer, A Mesbah, N Dacheux, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (6), 2639-2649, 2015
U(IV) Aqueous Speciation from the Monomer to UO2 Nanoparticles: Two Levels of Control from Zwitterionic Glycine Ligands
C Falaise, HA Neal, M Nyman
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (11), 6591-6598, 2017
Hydrothermal crystallization of uranyl coordination polymers involving an imidazolium dicarboxylate ligand: effect of pH on the nuclearity of uranyl-centered subunits
NP Martin, C Falaise, C Volkringer, N Henry, P Farger, C Falk, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 55 (17), 8697-8705, 2016
Hofmeister effect in the Keggin-type polyoxotungstate series
S Yao, C Falaise, AA Ivanov, N Leclerc, M Hohenschutz, M Haouas, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 8 (1), 12-25, 2021
Stabilization of Tetravalent 4f (Ce), 5d (Hf), or 5f (Th, U) Clusters by the [α-SiW9O34]10– Polyoxometalate
S Duval, S Beghin, C Falaise, X Trivelli, P Rabu, T Loiseau
Inorganic Chemistry 54 (17), 8271-8280, 2015
Chaotropic Effect as an Assembly Motif to Construct Supramolecular Cyclodextrin–Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks
S Khlifi, J Marrot, M Haouas, WE Shepard, C Falaise, E Cadot
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (10), 4469-4477, 2022
Synthesis and Crystal Structure Characterization of Thorium Trimesate Coordination Polymers
NP Martin, C Volkringer, C Falaise, N Henry, T Loiseau
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (3), 1667-1678, 2016
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