Jose Miguel Azañon
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JV Pérez-Peña, A Azor, JM Azañón, EA Keller
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W Gibbons, T Moreno
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D Avigad, Z Garfunkel, L Jolivet, JM Azañón
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F Giaconia, G Booth-Rea, JM Martínez-Martínez, JM Azañón, ...
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J García-Mayordomo, JM Insua-Arévalo, JJ Martínez-Díaz, ...
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JM Martínez-Martínez, G Booth-Rea, JM Azañón, F Torcal
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JM Azañón, A Crespo‐Blanc
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Continental collision, crustal thinning and nappe forming during the pre-Miocene evolution of the Alpujarride Complex (Alboran Domain, Betics)
JM Azañon, A Crespo-blanc, V García-Dueñas
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Cordillera Bética y Baleares
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JM Azañón, V García-Dueñas, B Goffé
Tectonophysics 285 (3-4), 231-252, 1998
SwathProfiler and NProfiler: Two new ArcGIS Add-ins for the automatic extraction of swath and normalized river profiles
JV Pérez-Peña, M Al-Awabdeh, JM Azañón, JP Galve, G Booth-Rea, ...
Computers & Geosciences 104, 135-150, 2017
Contrasting structural and P‐T evolution of tectonic units in the southeastern Betics: Key for understanding the exhumation of the Alboran Domain HP/LT crustal rocks (western …
G Booth‐Rea, JM Azañón, JM Martínez‐Martínez, O Vidal, ...
Tectonics 24 (2), 2005
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