Eric Marcon
Eric Marcon
UMR EcoFoG, AgroParisTech
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Evaluating the geographic concentration of industries using distance-based methods
E Marcon, F Puech
Journal of Economic Geography 3 (4), 409-428, 2003
Measures of the geographic concentration of industries: improving distance-based methods
E Marcon, F Puech
Journal of Economic Geography 10 (5), 745-762, 2010
Assessing foliar chlorophyll contents with the SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter: a calibration test with thirteen tree species of tropical rainforest in French Guiana
S Coste, C Baraloto, C Leroy, É Marcon, A Renaud, AD Richardson, ...
Annals of Forest Science 67 (6), 607-607, 2010
Dynamics of aboveground carbon stocks in a selectively logged tropical forest
L Blanc, M Echard, B Herault, D Bonal, E Marcon, JÔ Chave, C Baraloto
Ecological Applications 19 (6), 1397-1404, 2009
entropart, an R Package to Partition Diversity
É Marcon, B Hérault
Journal of Statistical Software 67 (8), 1-26, 2015
Generalization of the partitioning of Shannon diversity
E Marcon, I Scotti, B Hérault, V Rossi, G Lang
Plos One 9 (3), e90289, 2014
Mesures de la Biodiversité
E Marcon
The decomposition of Shannon's entropy and a confidence interval for beta diversity
E Marcon, B Hérault, C Baraloto, G Lang
Oikos 121 (4), 516-522, 2012
The successional status of tropical rainforest tree species is associated with differences in leaf carbon isotope discrimination and functional traits
D Bonal, C Born, C Brechet, S Coste, E Marcon, JC Roggy, JM Guehl
Annals of forest science 64 (2), 169-176, 2007
A trait database for Guianan rain forest trees permits intra-and inter-specific contrasts
M Ollivier, C Baraloto, E Marcon
Annals of forest science 64 (7), 781-786, 2007
A typology of distance-based measures of spatial concentration
E Marcon, F Puech
Regional Science and Urban Economics 62, 56-67, 2017
Generalizing Ripley's K function to inhomogeneous populations
E Marcon, F Puech
Tools to Characterize Point Patterns: dbmss for R
É Marcon, S Traissac, F Puech, G Lang
Journal of Statistical Software 67 (3), 1-15, 2015
Testing randomness of spatial point patterns with the Ripley statistic
G Lang, E Marcon
ESAIM: Probability and Statistics 17, 767-788, 2013
Integrating functional diversity into tropical forest plantation designs to study ecosystem processes
C Baraloto, E Marcon, F Morneau, S Pavoine, JC Roggy
Annals of Forest Science 67 (3), 303-303, 2010
Decomposing phylodiversity
E Marcon, B Hérault
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6 (3), 333-339, 2015
Landscape patterns influence communities of medium-to large-bodied vertebrates in undisturbed terra firme forests of French Guiana
C Richard-Hansen, G Jaouen, T Denis, O Brunaux, E Marcon, S Guitet
Journal of Tropical Ecology 31 (05), 423-436, 2015
The decomposition of similarity-based diversity and its bias correction
E Marcon, Z Zhang, B Hérault
HAL, hal-00989454 (version 1), 1-12, 2014
‘Equivalent numbers’ for species, phylogenetic or functional diversity in a nested hierarchy of multiple scales
S Pavoine, E Marcon, C Ricotta
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7 (10), 1152-1163, 2016
Characterizing the Relative Spatial Structure of Point Patterns
E Marcon, F Puech, S Traissac
International Journal of Ecology 2012, 2012
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