Kai (Alex) Qin
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Comprehensive learning particle swarm optimizer for global optimization of multimodal functions
JJ Liang, AK Qin, PN Suganthan, S Baskar
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Differential evolution algorithm with strategy adaptation for global numerical optimization
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Self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm for constrained real-parameter optimization
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Benchmark functions for the CEC 2013 special session and competition on large-scale global optimization
X Li, K Tang, MN Omidvar, Z Yang, K Qin, H China
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Unsupervised polarimetric SAR image segmentation and classification using region growing with edge penalty
P Yu, AK Qin, DA Clausi
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Multiobjective Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Prognostics.
C Zhang, P Lim, AK Qin, KC Tan
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Robust growing neural gas algorithm with application in cluster analysis
AK Qin, PN Suganthan
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Linear dimensionality reduction using relevance weighted LDA
EK Tang, PN Suganthan, X Yao, AK Qin
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Multivariate image segmentation using semantic region growing with adaptive edge penalty
AK Qin, DA Clausi
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VL Huang, AK Qin, K Deb, E Zitzler, PN Suganthan, JJ Liang, M Preuss, ...
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Multi-objective optimization based on self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm
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Kernel neural gas algorithms with application to cluster analysis
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A review of population initialization techniques for evolutionary algorithms
B Kazimipour, X Li, A Qin
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JJ Liang, AK Qin, PM Suganthan, S Baskar
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J Liang, A Qin, P Suganthan, S Baskar
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MAGIC: MAp-guided ice classification system
DA Clausi, AK Qin, MS Chowdhury, P Yu, P Maillard
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 36 (S1), S13-S25, 2010
Private Spatial Data Aggregation in the Local Setting
R Chen, H Li, AK Qin, SP Kasiviswanathan, H Jin
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