Delphine Angst
Delphine Angst
School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK
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Isotopic and anatomical evidence of an herbivorous diet in the Early Tertiary giant bird Gastornis. Implications for the structure of Paleocene terrestrial ecosystems
D Angst, C Lécuyer, R Amiot, E Buffetaut, F Fourel, F Martineau, ...
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“Terror Birds”(Phorusrhacidae) from the Eocene of Europe imply trans-Tethys dispersal
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Tsunami sedimentary deposits of Crete records climate during the ‘Minoan Warming Period’(≈ 3350 yr BP)
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The first mandible of Gastornis Hébert, 1855 (Aves, Gastornithidae) from the Thanetian (Paleocene) of Mont-de-Berru (France)
D Angst, E Buffetaut
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D Angst, E Buffetaut, JC Corral, X Pereda-Suberbiola
Annales de Paléontologie 103 (2), 135-139, 2017
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