Katalin Csilléry
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Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) in practice
K Csilléry, MGB Blum, OE Gaggiotti, O François
Trends in ecology & evolution 25 (7), 410-418, 2010
abc: an R package for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC)
K Csilléry, O François, MGB Blum
Methods in ecology and evolution 3 (3), 475-479, 2012
Performance of marker-based relatedness estimators in natural populations of outbred vertebrates
K Csilléry, T Johnson, D Beraldi, T Clutton-Brock, D Coltman, B Hansson, ...
Genetics 173 (4), 2091-2101, 2006
Evidence of divergent selection for drought and cold tolerance at landscape and local scales in Abies alba Mill. in the French Mediterranean Alps
AM Roschanski, K Csilléry, S Liepelt, S Oddou‐Muratorio, B Ziegenhagen, ...
Molecular Ecology 25 (3), 776-794, 2016
Genomic quantitative genetics to study evolution in the wild
P Gienapp, S Fior, F Guillaume, JR Lasky, VL Sork, K Csilléry
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32 (12), 897-908, 2017
Detecting short spatial scale local adaptation and epistatic selection in climate‐related candidate genes in European beech (Fagus sylvatica) populations
K Csilléry, H Lalagüe, GG Vendramin, SC González‐Martínez, B Fady, ...
Molecular Ecology 23 (19), 4696-4708, 2014
What genomic data can reveal about eco-evolutionary dynamics
SM Rudman, MA Barbour, K Csilléry, P Gienapp, F Guillaume, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (1), 9-15, 2018
Nucleotide diversity and linkage disequilibrium at 58 stress response and phenology candidate genes in a European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) population from southeastern France
H Lalagüe, K Csilléry, S Oddou-Muratorio, J Safrana, C de Quattro, ...
Tree genetics & genomes 10 (1), 15-26, 2014
Detecting the genomic signal of polygenic adaptation and the role of epistasis in evolution
K Csilléry, A Rodríguez‐Verdugo, C Rellstab, F Guillaume
Molecular ecology 27 (3), 606-612, 2018
Goodness-of-fit statistics for approximate Bayesian computation
L Lemaire, F Jay, I Lee, K Csilléry, MGB Blum
arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.04096, 2016
Estimating long-term tree mortality rate time series by combining data from periodic inventories and harvest reports in a Bayesian state-space model
K Csilléry, M Seignobosc, V Lafond, G Kunstler, B Courbaud
Forest ecology and management 292, 64-74, 2013
Invalid arguments against ABC: reply to AR Templeton
K Csilléry
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25, 490-491, 2010
Coupled effects of wind-storms and drought on tree mortality across 115 forest stands from the Western Alps and the Jura mountains
B Csilléry, K., Kunstler, G., Courbaud, B., Allard, D., Lassegues, P ...
Global Change Biology 23 (12), 5092–5107, 2017
Density dependence in stream-dwelling larvae of fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra): a field experiment
K Csillery, S Lengyel
Amphibia Reptilia 25 (3), 343-349, 2004
Adaptation to local climate in multi-trait space: evidence from silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) populations across a heterogeneous environment
K Csilléry, O Ovaskainen, C Sperisen, N Buchmann, A Widmer, F Gugerli
Heredity 124 (1), 77-92, 2020
Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) in R: A Vignette
K Csilléry, L Lemaire, O François, MGB Blum
Doi 202, 217.531-21, 2012
Statistical inference in population genetics using microsatellites
K Csilléry
The University of Edinburgh, 2009
A reference genome sequence for the european silver fir (abies alba mill.): a community-generated genomic resource
E Mosca, F Cruz, J Gómez-Garrido, L Bianco, C Rellstab, S Brodbeck, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 9 (7), 2039-2049, 2019
Adaptation to drought is coupled with slow growth in marginal silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) populations
K Csilléry, N Buchmann, B Fady
bioRxiv, https://doi.org/10.1101/531806, 2019
Detecting directional and epistatic selection from candidate genes: methodological improvements and a case study of European beech
K Csillery, H Lalagüe, SC González-Martínez, B Fady, S Oddou-Muratorio
SMBE Satellite meeting SMBEBA 2015 Investigating biological adaptation with …, 2015
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