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Bacterial disease in marine bivalves, a review of recent studies: trends and evolution
C Paillard, F Le Roux, JJ Borrego
Aquatic Living Resources 17 (4), 477-498, 2004
Effect of a mono-specific algal diet on immune functions in two bivalve species-Crassostrea gigas and Ruditapes philippinarum
M Delaporte, P Soudant, J Moal, C Lambert, C Quéré, P Miner, G Choquet, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 206 (17), 3053-3064, 2003
Measurement of Crassostrea gigas hemocyte oxidative metabolism by flow cytometry and the inhibiting capacity of pathogenic vibrios
C Lambert, P Soudant, G Choquet, C Paillard
Fish & shellfish immunology 15 (3), 225-240, 2003
Vibrio tapetis sp. nov., the causative agent of the brown ring disease affecting cultured clams
JJ Borrego, D Castro, A Luque, C Paillard, P Maes, MT Garcia, A Ventosa
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 46 (2 …, 1996
Effect of temperature on defense parameters in Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum challenged with Vibrio tapetis
C Paillard, B Allam, R Oubella
Diseases of aquatic organisms 59 (3), 249-262, 2004
A short-review of brown ring disease, a vibriosis affecting clams, Ruditapes philippinarum and Ruditapes decussatus
C Paillard
Aquatic living resources 17 (4), 467-475, 2004
Brown ring disease in clams
C Paillard, P Maes, R Oubella
Annual Review of Fish Diseases 4, 219-240, 1994
Pathogenicity of Vibrio tapetis, the etiological agent of brown ring disease in clams
B Allam, C Paillard, SE Ford
Diseases of aquatic organisms 48 (3), 221-231, 2002
Alterations in hemolymph and extrapallial fluid parameters in the Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum, challenged with the pathogen Vibrio tapetis
B Allam, C Paillard, M Auffret
Journal of invertebrate pathology 76 (1), 63-69, 2000
Influence of temperature and spawning effort on Haliotis tuberculata mortalities caused by Vibrio harveyi: an example of emerging vibriosis linked to global warming
MA TRAVERS, O Basuyaux, N Le Goïc, S Huchette, JL NICOLAS, ...
Global Change Biology 15 (6), 1365-1376, 2009
Impact of season and rearing site on the physiological and immunological parameters of the Manila clam Venerupis (= Tapes,= Ruditapes) philippinarum
P Soudant, C Paillard, G Choquet, C Lambert, HI Reid, A Marhic, ...
Aquaculture 229 (1-4), 401-418, 2004
Summer immune depression associated with increased susceptibility of the European abalone, Haliotis tuberculata to Vibrio harveyi infection
MA Travers, N Le Goïc, S Huchette, M Koken, C Paillard
Fish & shellfish immunology 25 (6), 800-808, 2008
Morphologic, cytometric and functional characterisation of abalone (Haliotis tuberculata) haemocytes
MA Travers, PM Da Silva, N Le Goïc, D Marie, A Donval, S Huchette, ...
Fish & shellfish immunology 24 (4), 400-411, 2008
Salinity effects on immune parameters of Ruditapes philippinarum challenged with Vibrio tapetis
HI Reid, P Soudant, C Lambert, C Paillard, TH Birkbeck
Diseases of aquatic organisms 56 (3), 249-258, 2003
Defense factors in clam extrapallial fluids
B Allam, C Paillard
Diseases of aquatic organisms 33 (2), 123-128, 1998
Aetiology of brown ring disease in Tapes philippinarum: pathogenicity of a Vibrio sp.
C Paillard, P Maes
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences. Series 3, Sciences de la Vie 310 …, 1990
Experimentally induced variation in hemocyte density for Ruditapes philippinarum and R. decussatus (Mollusca, Bivalvia)
R Oubella, P Maes, C Paillard, M Auffret
Diseases of aquatic organisms 15 (3), 193-197, 1993
Protected areas in the Atlantic facing the hazards of micro-plastic pollution: First diagnosis of three islands in the Canary Current
J Baztan, A Carrasco, O Chouinard, M Cleaud, JE Gabaldon, T Huck, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 80 (1-2), 302-311, 2014
Isolation of the pathogen Vibrio tapetis and defense parameters in brown ring diseased Manila clams Ruditapes philippinarum cultivated in England
B Allam, C Paillard, A Howard, M Le Pennec
Diseases of aquatic organisms 41 (2), 105-113, 2000
Changes in hemolymph parameters in the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum (Mollusca, Bivalvia) following bacterial challenge
R Oubella, C Paillard, P Maes, M Auffret
Journal of invertebrate pathology 64 (1), 33-38, 1994
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