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School of Life Science, Nanjing University
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The role of biomass allocation strategy in diversity loss due to fertilization
K Niu, Y Luo, P Choler, G Du
Basic and Applied Ecology 9 (5), 485-493, 2008
牛克昌, 刘怿宁, 沈泽昊, 何芳良, 方精云
生物多样性 17 (6), 579-593, 2009
Patterns of above-and belowground biomass allocation in China’s grasslands: evidence from individual-level observations
L Wang, KC Niu, YH Yang, P Zhou
Science China Life Sciences 53 (7), 851-857, 2010
The allometry of reproductive biomass in response to land use in Tibetan alpine grasslands
K Niu, P Choler, B Zhao, G Du
Functional ecology 23 (2), 274-283, 2009
Linking grazing response of species abundance to functional traits in the Tibetan alpine meadow
K Niu, S Zhang, B Zhao, G Du
Plant and Soil 330 (1-2), 215-223, 2010
Fertilization decreases species diversity but increases functional diversity: a three-year experiment in a Tibetan alpine meadow
K Niu, P Choler, F de Bello, N Mirotchnick, G Du, S Sun
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 182, 106-112, 2014
Community assembly: the relative importance of neutral theory and niche theory.
KC Niu, YN Liu, ZH Shen, FL He, JY Fang
Biodiversity Science 17 (6), 579-593, 2009
Grazing increases functional richness but not functional divergence in Tibetan alpine meadow plant communities
K Niu, JS He, S Zhang, MJ Lechowicz
Biodiversity and Conservation 25 (12), 2441-2452, 2016
放牧对青藏高原东缘高寒草甸群落 27 种植物地上生物量分配的影响
赵杉彬, 牛克昌, 杜国祯
Acta Ecologica Sinica 3, 1596-1606, 2009
The effects of grazing on foliar trait diversity and niche differentiation in Tibetan alpine meadows
K Niu, J Messier, JS He, MJ Lechowicz
Ecosphere 6 (9), 1-15, 2015
Grazing‐induced shifts in community functional composition and soil nutrient availability in Tibetan alpine meadows
K Niu, JS He, MJ Lechowicz
Journal of Applied Ecology 53 (5), 1554-1564, 2016
牛克昌, 赵志刚, 罗燕江, 杜国祯
植物生态学报 30 (5), 817-826, 2006
Relationship between reproductive allocation and relative abundance among 32 species of a Tibetan alpine meadow: effects of fertilization and grazing
K Niu, B Schmid, P Choler, G Du
PloS one 7 (4), e35448, 2012
中国草地生物量地上-地下分配格局: 基于个体水平的研究
王亮, 牛克昌, 杨元合, 周鹏
中国科学: 生命科学 40 (7), 642-649, 2010
Seed-to-seed potential allelopathic effects between Ligularia virgaurea and native grass species of Tibetan alpine grasslands
S Zhang, J Liu, X Bao, K Niu
Ecological research 26 (1), 47-52, 2011
Linking flowering and reproductive allocation in response to nitrogen addition in an alpine meadow
Z Zhang, K Niu, X Liu, P Jia, G Du
Journal of Plant Ecology 7 (3), 231-239, 2013
Fertilization effects on species reproductive allocation in an alpine meadow plant community
K Niu, Z Zhao, Y Luo, G Du
Acta Phytoecological Sinica 30 (5), 817-826, 2006
Tradeoffs between forage quality and soil fertility: Lessons from Himalayan rangelands
K Niu, J He, S Zhang, MJ Lechowicz
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 234, 31-39, 2016
Traditional grazing regimes promote biodiversity and increase nectar production in Tibetan alpine meadows
J Mu, Y Zeng, Q Wu, KJ Niklas, K Niu
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 233, 336-342, 2016
The effect of grazing on above-ground biomass allocation of 27 plant species in an alpine meadow plant community in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
BB Zhao, KC Niu, GZ Du
Acta Ecologica Sinica 29 (3), 1596-1606, 2009
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