Samiyeh Mahmoudian
Samiyeh Mahmoudian
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
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Quantum criticality at the Anderson transition: a TMT perspective
S Mahmoudian, S Tang, V Dobrosavljević
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S Mahmoudian, L Rademaker, A Ralko, S Fratini, V Dobrosavljevic
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S Mahmoudian, A Langari
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CE Ekuma, H Terletska, ZY Meng, J Moreno, M Jarrell, S Mahmoudian, ...
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Coulomb Pseudogaps and Their Role at Metal-Insulator Transitions
S Mahmoudian
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Role of long range Coulomb interaction near the disorder driven metal-insulator transition in Ga1-xMnxAs
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Wigner-Mott transition, charge frustration and Hund’s coupling in layered triangular lattices
A Ralko, C Février, V Dobrosavljević, L Rademaker, S Mahmoudian
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