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In vitro and in vivo resistance of Leishmania infantum to meglumine antimoniate: a study of 37 strains collected from patients with visceral leishmaniasis.
F Faraut-Gambarelli, R Piarroux, M Deniau, B Giusiano, P Marty, G Michel, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 41 (4), 827-830, 1997
Validation of a pain evaluation scale for patients with severe cerebral palsy
P Collignon, B Giusiano
European Journal of Pain 5 (4), 433-442, 2001
Frontal lobe seizures: from clinical semiology to localization
F Bonini, A McGonigal, A Trébuchon, M Gavaret, F Bartolomei, B Giusiano, ...
Epilepsia 55 (2), 264-277, 2014
Utilization of a neural network in the elaboration of an evaluation scale for pain in cerebral palsy
B Giusiano, MT Jimeno, P Collignon, Y Chau
Methods of information in medicine 34 (05), 498-502, 1995
Craniopharyngioma in children: Marseille experience
G Lena, AP Paredes, D Scavarda, B Giusiano
Child's Nervous System 21 (8-9), 778-784, 2005
Optic aphasia: Evidence of the contribution of different neural systems to object and action naming
CT Ferreira, B Giusiano, M Ceccaldi, M Poncet
Cortex 33 (3), 499-513, 1997
Comparison of the performance of multi-layer perceptron and linear regression for epidemiological data
J Gaudart, B Giusiano, L Huiart
Computational statistics & data analysis 44 (4), 547-570, 2004
Category specificity in object agnosia: Preservation of sensorimotor experiences related to objects
MN Magnié, CT Ferreira, B Giusiano, M Poncet
Neuropsychologia 37 (1), 67-74, 1998
Seizure‐onset patterns in focal cortical dysplasia and neurodevelopmental tumors: Relationship with surgical prognosis and neuropathologic subtypes
S Lagarde, F Bonini, A McGonigal, P Chauvel, M Gavaret, D Scavarda, ...
Epilepsia 57 (9), 1426-1435, 2016
What is the concordance between the seizure onset zone and the irritative zone? A SEEG quantified study
F Bartolomei, A Trébuchon, F Bonini, I Lambert, M Gavaret, M Woodman, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 127 (2), 1157-1162, 2016
Diurnal variations in keratometry and refraction with intracorneal ring segments
G Baı̈koff, N Maia, D Poulhalec, A Fontaine, B Giusiano
Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery 25 (8), 1056-1061, 1999
Utilisation d'une échelle d'hétéroévaluation de la douleur chez le sujet sévèrement polyhandicapé
P Collignon, B Giusiano, AM Boutin, JC Combes
Douleur et analgésie 10 (1), 27, 1997
Separate visual pathways for perception of actions and objects: evidence from a case of apperceptive agnosia
CT Ferreira, M Ceccaldi, B Giusiano, M Poncet
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 65 (3), 382-385, 1998
Category-specific anomia: implication of different neural networks in naming
CT Ferreira, B Giusiano, M Poncet
Neuroreport 8 (7), 1595-1602, 1997
High‐frequency oscillations are not better biomarkers of epileptogenic tissues than spikes
N Roehri, F Pizzo, S Lagarde, I Lambert, A Nica, A McGonigal, B Giusiano, ...
Annals of neurology 83 (1), 84-97, 2018
Anti–tumor necrosis factor alpha therapy (adalimumab) in Rasmussen's encephalitis: An open pilot study
S Lagarde, N Villeneuve, A Trébuchon, E Kaphan, A Lepine, A McGonigal, ...
Epilepsia 57 (6), 956-966, 2016
Difficultés du diagnostic de la douleur chez l'enfant polyhandicapé
P Collignon, B Giusiano, E Porsmoguer, MT Jimeno, JC Combe
Annales de pédiatrie 42 (2), 123-126, 1995
Allelic variations at the haploid TBX1 locus do not influence the cardiac phenotype in cases of 22q11 microdeletion
MA Voelckel, L Girardot, B Giusiano, N Levy, N Philip
Annales de genetique 47 (3), 235-240, 2004
Une échelle d’hétéroévaluation de la douleur chez l’enfant polyhandicapé
P Collignon, B Giusiano, MT Jimeno, JC Combe, X Thirion, E Porsmoguer, ...
La douleur chez l’enfant: échelles d’évaluation, traitements médicamenteux …, 1993
Epileptogenic networks in nodular heterotopia: a stereoelectroencephalography study
F Pizzo, N Roehri, H Catenoix, S Medina, A McGonigal, B Giusiano, ...
Epilepsia 58 (12), 2112-2123, 2017
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