Fabio Grillo
Fabio Grillo
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Atomic and molecular layer deposition: off the beaten track
H Van Bui, F Grillo, JR van Ommen
Chemical Communications 53 (1), 45-71, 2017
Understanding and Controlling the Aggregative Growth of Platinum Nanoparticles in Atomic Layer Deposition: An Avenue to Size Selection
F Grillo, H Van Bui, JA Moulijn, MT Kreutzer, JR van Ommen
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (5), 975-983, 2017
Feedback-controlled active brownian colloids with space-dependent rotational dynamics
MA Fernandez-Rodriguez, F Grillo, L Alvarez, M Rathlef, I Buttinoni, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-10, 2020
Nanoparticle sintering in atomic layer deposition of supported catalysts: Kinetic modeling of the size distribution
F Grillo, JA Moulijn, MT Kreutzer, JR van Ommen
Catalysis Today 316, 51-61, 2018
From Single Atoms to Nanoparticles: Autocatalysis and Metal Aggregation in Atomic Layer Deposition of Pt on TiO2 Nanopowder
F Grillo, H Van Bui, D La Zara, AAI Aarnink, AY Kovalgin, P Kooyman, ...
Small 14 (23), 1800765, 2018
Self-templating assembly of soft microparticles into complex tessellations
F Grillo, MA Fernandez-Rodriguez, MN Antonopoulou, D Gerber, L Isa
Nature 582 (7811), 219-224, 2020
Diffusion‐Mediated Growth and Size‐Dependent Nanoparticle Reactivity during Ruthenium Atomic Layer Deposition on Dielectric Substrates
J Soethoudt, F Grillo, EA Marques, JR van Ommen, Y Tomczak, L Nyns, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 5 (24), 1800870, 2018
Modeling the precursor utilization in atomic layer deposition on nanostructured materials in fluidized bed reactors
F Grillo, MT Kreutzer, JR van Ommen
Chemical Engineering Journal 268, 384-398, 2015
Tunable 2D binary colloidal alloys for soft nanotemplating
MÁ Fernández-Rodríguez, R Elnathan, R Ditcovski, F Grillo, GM Conley, ...
Nanoscale 10 (47), 22189-22195, 2018
Area-Selective Deposition of Ruthenium by Area-Dependent Surface Diffusion
F Grillo, J Soethoudt, EA Marques, L Martin, KV Dongen, J Ommen, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (22), 9560–9572, 2020
Effect of Internal Architecture on the Assembly of Soft Particles at Fluid Interfaces
J Vialetto, F Camerin, F Grillo, SN Ramakrishna, L Rovigatti, E Zaccarelli, ...
ACS nano 15 (8), 13105-13117, 2021
Thermal atomic layer deposition of gold nanoparticles: controlled growth and size selection for photocatalysis
FSM Hashemi, F Grillo, VR Ravikumar, D Benz, A Shekhar, MBE Griffiths, ...
Nanoscale 12 (16), 9005-9013, 2020
Low-temperature atomic layer deposition delivers more active and stable Pt-based catalysts
H Van Bui, F Grillo, SS Kulkarni, R Bevaart, N Van Thang, ...
Nanoscale 9 (30), 10802-10810, 2017
Oriented Attachment and Nanorod Formation in Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO2 on Graphene Nanoplatelets
F Grillo, D La Zara, P Mulder, MT Kreutzer, J Ruud van Ommen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (34), 19981-19991, 2018
Microswimmers from Toposelective Nanoparticle Attachment
MR Bailey, F Grillo, ND Spencer, L Isa
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (7), 2109175, 2022
Selectivity Enhancement for Ruthenium Atomic Layer Deposition in Sub‐50 nm Nanopatterns by Diffusion and Size‐Dependent Reactivity
JWJ Clerix, EA Marques, J Soethoudt, F Grillo, G Pourtois, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (20), 2100846, 2021
Fitting an active Brownian particle's mean-squared displacement with improved parameter estimation
MR Bailey, AR Sprenger, F Grillo, H Löwen, L Isa
Physical Review E 106 (5), L052602, 2022
Mixed Reality for an Enhanced Laboratory Course on Microfluidics
AJ De Micheli, T Valentin, F Grillo, M Kapur, S Schuerle
Journal of Chemical Education 99 (3), 1272-1279, 2022
Sequential capillarity-assisted particle assembly in a microfluidic channel
R Pioli, MA Fernandez-Rodriguez, F Grillo, L Alvarez, R Stocker, L Isa, ...
Lab on a Chip 21 (5), 888-895, 2021
Universality of breath figures on two-dimensional surfaces: an experimental study
L Stricker, F Grillo, EA Marquez, G Panzarasa, K Smith-Mannschott, ...
Physical Review Research 4 (1), L012019, 2022
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