Alexandre Tallaire
Alexandre Tallaire
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Characterisation of high-quality thick single-crystal diamond grown by CVD with a low nitrogen addition
A Tallaire, AT Collins, D Charles, J Achard, R Sussmann, A Gicquel, ...
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J Achard, F Silva, A Tallaire, X Bonnin, G Lombardi, K Hassouni, ...
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Etch‐pit formation mechanism induced on HPHT and CVD diamond single crystals by H2/O2 plasma etching treatment: Part of Topical Section on Fundamentals …
M Naamoun, A Tallaire, F Silva, J Achard, P Doppelt, A Gicquel
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A Tallaire, M Kasu, K Ueda, T Makimoto
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Applied physics letters 97 (18), 182101, 2010
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