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Experimental study of oxygen diffusion coefficients in clean water containing salt, glucose or surfactant: consequences on the liquid-side mass transfer coefficients
M Jamnongwong, K Loubiere, N Dietrich, G Hébrard
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Bubble formation dynamics in various flow-focusing microdevices
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Direct measurement of mass transfer around a single bubble by micro-PLIFI
J Francois, N Dietrich, P Guiraud, A Cockx
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Bubble nucleation and growth in fluids
X Frank, N Dietrich, J Wu, R Barraud, HZ Li
Chemical Engineering Science 62 (24), 7090-7097, 2007
A new direct technique for visualizing and measuring gas–liquid mass transfer around bubbles moving in a straight millimetric square channel
N Dietrich, K Loubiere, M Jimenez, G Hebrard, C Gourdon
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Oxygen mass transfer and hydrodynamic behaviour in wastewater: determination of local impact of surfactants by visualization techniques
M Jimenez, N Dietrich, JR Grace, G Hébrard
Water research 58, 111-121, 2014
Experimental study of O2 diffusion coefficient measurement at a planar gas–liquid interface by planar laser‐induced fluorescence with inhibition
M Jimenez, N Dietrich, A Cockx, G Hébrard
AIChE Journal 59 (1), 325-333, 2013
Visualization and characterization of gas–liquid mass transfer around a Taylor bubble right after the formation stage in microreactors
L Yang, N Dietrich, K Loubière, C Gourdon, G Hébrard
Chemical Engineering Science 143, 364-368, 2016
Passage of a bubble through a liquid–liquid interface
N Dietrich, S Poncin, S Pheulpin, HZ Li
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Mass transfer in the wake of non-spherical air bubbles quantified by quenching of fluorescence
M Jimenez, N Dietrich, G Hébrard
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Experimental investigation of bubble and drop formation at submerged orifices
N Dietrich, N Mayoufi, S Poncin, HZ Li
Chemical Papers 67 (3), 313-325, 2013
Bubble formation at an orifice: A multiscale investigation
N Dietrich, N Mayoufi, S Poncin, N Midoux, HZ Li
Chemical Engineering Science 92, 118-125, 2013
Dynamical deformation of a flat liquid–liquid interface
N Dietrich, S Poncin, HZ Li
Experiments in fluids 50 (5), 1293-1303, 2011
Physical absorption of volatile organic compounds by spraying emulsion in a spray tower: Experiments and modelling
R Tatin, L Moura, N Dietrich, S Baig, G Hébrard
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Fast Measurements of the Gas‐Liquid Diffusion Coefficient in the Gaussian Wake of a Spherical Bubble
N Dietrich, J Francois, M Jimenez, A Cockx, P Guiraud, G Hébrard
Chemical Engineering & Technology 38 (5), 941-946, 2015
Absorption of toluene by vegetable oil–water emulsion in scrubbing tower: Experiments and modeling
R Hariz, JI del Rio Sanz, C Mercier, R Valentin, N Dietrich, Z Mouloungui, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 157, 264-271, 2017
Multi-scale analysis of the influence of physicochemical parameters on the hydrodynamic and gas–liquid mass transfer in gas/liquid/solid reactors
A Kherbeche, J Milnes, M Jimenez, N Dietrich, G Hebrard, B Lekhlif
Chemical Engineering Science 100, 515-528, 2013
Fast determination of gas-liquid diffusion coefficient by an innovative double approach
F Xu, M Jimenez, N Dietrich, G Hébrard
Chemical Engineering Science 170, 68-76, 2017
Process-oriented review of bacterial quorum quenching for membrane biofouling mitigation in membrane bioreactors (MBRs)
N Bouayed, N Dietrich, C Lafforgue, CH Lee, C Guigui
Membranes 6 (4), 52, 2016
Optical methods to investigate the enhancement factor of an oxygen‐sensitive colorimetric reaction using microreactors
L Yang, N Dietrich, G Hébrard, K Loubière, C Gourdon
AIChE Journal 63 (6), 2272-2284, 2017
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