Partha Pratim Ray
Partha Pratim Ray
Professor, Department of Physics, Jadavpur University
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Light induced charge transport property analysis of nanostructured ZnS based Schottky diode
A Dey, S Middya, R Jana, M Das, J Datta, A Layek, PP Ray
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A Semiconducting Copper (II) Coordination Polymer with (4, 4) Square Grid Topology: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in the Formation of a Photoswitch
S Khan, S Halder, PP Ray, S Herrero, R González-Prieto, MGB Drew, ...
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S Sil, A Dey, J Datta, M Das, R Jana, S Halder, J Dhar, D Sanyal, PP Ray
Materials Research Bulletin 106, 337-345, 2018
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