Fabien Baillon
Fabien Baillon
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The Effect of ultrasound on crystallisation‐precipitation processes: some examples and a new segregation model
J Dodds, F Espitalier, O Louisnard, R Grossier, R David, M Hassoun, ...
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G Gernigon, F Baillon, F Espitalier, C Le Floch-Fouéré, P Schuck, ...
International Dairy Journal 30 (2), 88-95, 2013
Evaluation of the physico-chemical properties of an amorphous magnesium silicate synthesized by an ultrasound-assisted precipitation
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De l'industrialisation à l'innovation pédagogique avec une chaîne éditoriale
K Quelennec, M Vermeulen, C Narce, F Baillon
Solvothermal recrystallization of α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate: batch reactor experiments and kinetic modelling
NMP da Silva, Y Rong, F Espitalier, F Baillon, A Gaunand
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Procédé de synthèse du dioxyde de titane: analyse et modélisation des solutions Titane-Sulfate; influence des ultrasons sur la précipitation
F Baillon
Prediction of the acoustic and bubble fields in insonified freeze-drying vials
O Louisnard, C Cogné, S Labouret, W Montes-Quiroz, R Peczalski, ...
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HUR Vera, F Baillon, F Espitalier, P Accart, O Louisnard
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 58, 104671, 2019
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