Vladimir A. Bolaños Quiñones
Vladimir A. Bolaños Quiñones
Postdoctoral researcher, Fudan University
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Citée par
Lab-in-a-tube: on-chip integration of glass optofluidic ring resonators for label-free sensing applications
SM Harazim, VAB Quiñones, S Kiravittaya, S Sanchez, OG Schmidt
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Optofluidic Sensor: Evaporation Kinetics Detection of Solvents Dissolved with Cd3P2 Colloidal Quantum Dots in a Rolled‐Up Microtube
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Rolled-up microtubular cavities towards three-dimensional optical confinement for optofluidic microsystems
MSVAB Quiñones
Miniaturisation for chemistry, biology & bioengineering www. rsc. org/loc
A Merkoçi, JP Kutter, EJ Smith, W Xi, D Makarov, I Mönch, S Harazim, ...
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WT Ramsay, M Bechu, VAB Quinones, Y Mei, OG Schmidt, L Paterson
Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation VIII 8097, 809708, 2011
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