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Silver influence on the antibacterial activity of multi-functional Zr-Cu based thin film metallic glasses
GIN Bouala, A Etiemble, C Der Loughian, C Langlois, JF Pierson, ...
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Preparation and characterisation of uranium oxides with spherical shapes and hierarchical structures
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Working with the ESEM at high temperature
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From in Situ HT-ESEM Observations to Simulation: How Does Polycrystallinity Affects the Sintering of CeO2 Microspheres?
GI Nkou Bouala, N Clavier, S Martin, J Léchelle, J Favrichon, HP Brau, ...
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Fracture resistance of Ti-Ag thin films deposited on polymeric substrates for biosignal acquisition applications
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Effect of Pre-Oxidation on a Ti PVD Coated Ferritic Steel Substrate during High-Temperature Aging
QO Maria-Rosa Ardigo-Besnard, Aurélien Besnard, Galy Nkou Bouala, Pascal ...
Crystals 2022 12 (12), 1732, 2022
Premier stade du frittage des dioxydes de lanthanides et d’actinides: une étude in situ par MEBE à haute température
GIN Bouala
Université Montpellier, 2016
In situ study of CeO2 microspheres sintering using HT-ESEM
GIN Bouala, R Podor, J Léchelle, N Dacheux, N Clavier
Microscopy and Microanalysis 22 (S5), 62-63, 2016
First step of sintering of lanthanides and actinides oxides: an in situ study by ESEM at high temperature
GI Nkou-Bouala
Universite de Montpellier, 2016
Etude du frittage d'oxydes de lanthanides et d'actinides de géométrie contrôlée: de l'observation microscopique à la modélisation
GIN Bouala
15èmes Journées Scientifiques de Marcoule, 2015
CISCEM 2014: Proceedings of the Second Conference on In situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy, Saarbrücken, Germany, October 14–15, 2014
N de Jonge
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Contrôler la microstructure des céramiques nucléaires
N Clavier, R Podor, J Ravaux, GIN Bouala, N Dacheux
l’actualité chimique, 2013
Nuclear ceramics microstructure control: new tools for versatile materials
N Clavier, R Podor, J Ravaux, GIN Bouala, N Dacheux
Actualite Chimique, 15-19, 2013
In situ HT-ESEM observation of CeO
GIN Bouala, R Podor, N Clavier, J Ravaux, N Dacheux
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