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Mitochondrial DNA reveals a strong phylogeographic structure in the badger across Eurasia
J Marmi, F Lopez‐Giraldez, DW Macdonald, F Calafell, E Zholnerovskaya, ...
Molecular Ecology 15 (4), 1007-1020, 2006
Phylogeny, evolutionary history and taxonomy of the Mustelidae based on sequences of the cytochrome b gene and a complex repetitive flanking region
J Marmi, JF López‐Giráldez, X Domingo‐Roura
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Phylogenetic analysis of Sicilian goats reveals a new mtDNA lineage
MT Sardina, M Ballester, J Marmi, R Finocchiaro, J Van Kaam, ...
Animal Genetics 37 (4), 376-378, 2006
Pedigree information reveals moderate to high levels of inbreeding and a weak population structure in the endangered Catalonian donkey breed
JP Gutiérrez, J Marmi, F Goyache, J Jordana
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Mitochondrial DNA diversity and origins of South and Central American goats
M Amills, O Ramírez, A Tomàs, B Badaoui, J Marmi, J Acosta, A Sànchez, ...
Animal Genetics 40 (3), 315-322, 2009
Radiation and phylogeography in the Japanese macaque,< i> Macaca fuscata</i>
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Peat-forming plants in the Maastrichtian coals of the Eastern Pyrenees
S Villalba Breva, C Martín Closas, J Marmi, B Gómez, ...
Geologica Acta 10 (2), 189-207, 2012
Eurasian otters, Lutra lutra, have a dominant mtDNA haplotype from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia
A Ferrando, M Ponsà, J Marmi, X Domingo-Roura
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Nuclear and mitochondrial phylogenies provide evidence for four species of Eurasian badgers (Carnivora)
I Del Cerro, J Marmi, A Ferrando, P Chashchin, P Taberlet, M Bosch
Zoologica Scripta 39 (5), 415-425, 2010
Confirmation of low genetic diversity and multiple breeding females in a social group of Eurasian badgers from microsatellite and field data
X Domingo‐Roura, DW Macdonald, MS Roy, J Marmi, J Terradas, ...
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50,000 years of genetic uniformity in the critically endangered Iberian lynx
R Rodríguez, O Ramirez, CE Valdiosera, N Garcia, F Alda, ...
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Tracking Fumanya footprints (Maastrichtian, Pyrenees): historical and ichnological overview
B Vila, O Oms, J Marmi, A Galobart
Oryctos 8 (115), e130, 2008
Allodaposuchus palustris sp. nov. from the Upper Cretaceous of Fumanya (South-Eastern Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula): systematics, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography of the …
A Blanco, E Puértolas-Pascual, J Marmi, B Vila, AG Sellés
PLoS One 9 (12), e115837, 2014
The upper Maastrichtian dinosaur fossil record from the southern Pyrenees and its contribution to the topic of the Cretaceous–Palaeogene mass extinction event
JI Canudo, O Oms, B Vila, À Galobart, V Fondevilla, E Puértolas-Pascual, ...
Cretaceous Research 57, 540-551, 2016
The paleoenvironment of Hispanopithecus laietanus as revealed by paleobotanical evidence from the Late Miocene of Can Llobateres 1 (Catalonia, Spain)
J Marmi, I Casanovas-Vilar, JM Robles, S Moyà-Solà, DM Alba
Journal of Human Evolution 62 (3), 412-423, 2012
Orientated plant fragments revealing tidal palaeocurrents in the Fumanya mudflat (Maastrichtian, southern Pyrenees): insights in palaeogeographic reconstructions
V Riera, J Marmi, O Oms, B Gomez
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 288 (1-4), 82-92, 2010
Genetic distinction of American and European mink (Mustela vison and M. lutreola) and European polecat (M. putorius) hair samples by detection of a species‐specific SINE and a …
F López‐Giráldez, BJ Gómez‐Moliner, J Marmi, X Domingo‐Roura
Journal of Zoology 265 (4), 405-410, 2006
The Molí del Baró-1 site, a diverse fossil assemblage from the uppermost Maastrichtian of the southern Pyrenees (north-eastern Iberia)
J Marmi, A Blanco, V Fondevilla, FM Dalla Vecchia, AG Sellés, A Vicente, ...
Cretaceous Research 57, 519-539, 2016
Solemys (Chelonii, Solemydidae) remains from the Maastrichtian of Pyrenees: evidence for a semi-aquatic lifestyle
J Marmi, B Vila, À Galobart
Cretaceous Research 30 (5), 1307-1312, 2009
The youngest species of Polysternon: A new bothremydid turtle from the uppermost Maastrichtian of the southern Pyrenees
J Marmi, AH Luján, V Riera, R Gaete, O Oms, A Galobart
Cretaceous Research 35, 133-142, 2012
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