Nemanja Djokovic
Nemanja Djokovic
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade
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In silico Methods for Design of Kinase Inhibitors as Anticancer Drugs
Z Gagic, D Ruzic, N Djokovic, T Djikic, K Nikolic
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Modulating protein–protein interactions with visible‐light‐responsive peptide backbone photoswitches
L Albert, A Peñalver, N Djokovic, L Werel, M Hoffarth, D Ruzic, J Xu, ...
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The oxidoreductase PYROXD1 uses NAD (P)+ as an antioxidant to sustain tRNA ligase activity in pre-tRNA splicing and unfolded protein response
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An Integrative in silico Drug Repurposing Approach for Identification of Potential Inhibitors of SARS‐CoV‐2 Main Protease
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Expanding the Accessible Chemical Space of SIRT2 Inhibitors through Exploration of Binding Pocket Dynamics
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Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 62 (10), 2571-2585, 2022
Discovery of 1-Benzhydryl-Piperazine-Based HDAC Inhibitors with Anti-Breast Cancer Activity: Synthesis, Molecular Modeling, In Vitro and In Vivo Biological Evaluation
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Reversible Control of RNA Splicing by Photoswitchable Small Molecules
L Zhang, X Xie, N Djokovic, K Nikolic, D Kosenkov, F Abendroth, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2023
Correlating basal gene expression across chemical sensitivity data to screen for novel synergistic interactors of HDAC inhibitors in pancreatic carcinoma
N Djokovic, A Djuric, D Ruzic, T Srdic-Rajic, K Nikolic
Pharmaceuticals 16 (2), 294, 2023
SIRT2i_Predictor: A machine learning-based tool to facilitate the discovery of novel SIRT2 inhibitors
N Djokovic, M Rahnasto-Rilla, N Lougiakis, M Lahtela-Kakkonen, ...
Pharmaceuticals 16 (1), 127, 2023
Epigenetic drug discovery: fragment-based drug design of novel 1-benzhydryl-piperazine derivatives as selective histone deacetylase 6 inhibitors
D Ružić, N Đoković, T Srdić-Rajić, K Nikolić
Serbian Chemical Society and Serbian Young Chemists’ Club, Book of Abstracts, 15, 2022
Discovery of 1-benzhydryl piperazine-based HDAC inhibitors with anti-cancer and anti-metastatic properties against human breast cancer: synthesis, molecular modeling, in vitro …
D Ruzic, M Petkovic, N Djokovic, J Santibanez, B Ellinger, M Beljkas, ...
Computer-aided drug design and evaluation of selective inhibitors against cytoplasmic histone deacetylases
D Ružić, N Đoković, M Petković, S Gul, M Lahtela‐Kakkonen, A Ganesan, ...
37th ACS National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium-American Chemical Society …, 2022
Quinazoline-based analog of adenine as an antidote against MLL-rearranged leukemia cells: synthesis, inhibition assays and docking studies
C Bon, M Barbachowska, N Djokovic, D Ruzic, Y Si, L Soresinetti, C Jallet, ...
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D Ružić, N Đoković, M Petković, S Gul, M Lahtela‐Kakkonen, A Ganesan, ...
EFMC-ISMC, XXVII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Book …, 2022
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