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Detection of heteromerization of more than two proteins by sequential BRET-FRET
P Carriba, G Navarro, F Ciruela, S Ferré, V Casadó, L Agnati, A Cortés, ...
Nature methods 5 (8), 727, 2008
Striatal adenosine A 2A and cannabinoid CB 1 receptors form functional heteromeric complexes that mediate the motor effects of cannabinoids
P Carriba, O Ortiz, K Patkar, Z Justinova, J Stroik, A Themann, C Müller, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 32 (11), 2249-2259, 2007
Antagonistic cannabinoid CB1/dopamine D2 receptor interactions in striatal CB1/D2 heteromers. A combined neurochemical and behavioral analysis
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Neuropharmacology 54 (5), 815-823, 2008
Detection of heteromers formed by cannabinoid CB1, dopamine D2, and adenosine A2A G-protein-coupled receptors by combining bimolecular fluorescence complementation and …
G Navarro, P Carriba, J Gandí, F Ciruela, V Casadó, A Cortés, J Mallol, ...
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Allosteric modulation of dopamine D2 receptors by homocysteine
LF Agnati, S Ferre, S Genedani, G Leo, D Guidolin, M Filaferro, P Carriba, ...
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Secretase-independent and RhoGTPase/PAK/ERK-dependent regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics in astrocytes by NSAIDs and derivatives
MP Lichtenstein, P Carriba, MA Baltrons, B Wojciak-Stothard, JR Peterson, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 22 (4), 1135-1155, 2010
Staging anti-inflammatory therapy in Alzheimer's disease
E Galea
Frontiers in aging neuroscience 2, 142, 2010
TNFα sensitizes neuroblastoma cells to FasL-, cisplatin-and etoposide-induced cell death by NF-κB-mediated expression of Fas
KMO Galenkamp, P Carriba, J Urresti, L Planells-Ferrer, E Coccia, ...
Molecular cancer 14 (1), 1-14, 2015
Amyloid-β reduces the expression of neuronal FAIM-L, thereby shifting the inflammatory response mediated by TNF α from neuronal protection to death
P Carriba, S Jiménez, V Navarro, I Moreno-Gonzalez, ...
Cell death & disease 6 (2), e1639-e1639, 2015
ATP and noradrenaline activate CREB in astrocytes via noncanonical Ca2+ and cyclic AMP independent pathways
P Carriba, L Pardo, A Parra‐Damas, MP Lichtenstein, CA Saura, A Pujol, ...
Glia 60 (9), 1330-1344, 2012
Fas apoptosis inhibitory molecules: more than death‐receptor antagonists in the nervous system
L Planells‐Ferrer, J Urresti, E Coccia, KMO Galenkamp, I Calleja‐Yagüe, ...
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FAIM-L is an IAP-binding protein that inhibits XIAP ubiquitinylation and protects from Fas-induced apoptosis
RS Moubarak, L Planells-Ferrer, J Urresti, S Reix, MF Segura, P Carriba, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (49), 19262-19275, 2013
CD40 is a major regulator of dendrite growth from developing excitatory and inhibitory neurons
P Carriba, AM Davies
Elife 6, e30442, 2017
Amyloid beta, TNFα and FAIM-L; approaching new therapeutic strategies for AD
P Carriba, JX Comella
Frontiers in neurology 5, 276, 2014
Neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation: two processes, one target
P Carriba, JX Comella
Neural Regeneration Research 10 (10), 1581, 2015
Evaluation of candidate genes related to neuronal apoptosis in late-onset Alzheimer's disease
S Moreno-Grau, B Barneda, P Carriba, J Marín, O Sotolongo-Grau, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 45 (2), 621-629, 2015
How CD40L reverse signaling regulates axon and dendrite growth
P Carriba, AM Davies
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences: CMLS, 2020
CD40L Reverse Signaling Influences Dendrite Spine Morphology and Expression of PSD-95 and Rho Small GTPases
P Carriba, S Wyatt, AM Davies
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 8, 254, 2020
神经退行性疾病和神经炎症: 两种病变同一目标
P Carriba, JX Comella
中国神经再生研究 (英文版) 10 (10), 1581, 2015
Comment on “Successful therapies for Alzheimer’s disease: why so many in animal models and none in humans?”
P Carriba, J Comella
Name: Frontiers in Neurology 5, 276, 2014
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