Guillaume Bélanger
Guillaume Bélanger
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
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Intramolecular additions of various π-nucleophiles to chemoselectively activated amides and application to the synthesis of (±)-tashiromine
G Bélanger, R Larouche-Gauthier, F Ménard, M Nantel, F Barabé
The Journal of organic chemistry 71 (2), 704-712, 2006
Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Triazacyclopenta[cd]pentalenes by Intramolecular 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Azomethine Imines
G Bélanger, FT Hong, LE Overman, BN Rogers, JE Tellew, WC Trenkle
The Journal of organic chemistry 67 (22), 7880-7883, 2002
Practical Synthesis of (R,R)- and (S,S)-Bis[2,6-bis(1-ethoxyethyl)phenyl] Diselenide
R Déziel, E Malenfant, G Bélanger
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Highly chemoselective formation of aldehyde enamines under very mild reaction conditions
G Bélanger, M Doré, F Ménard, V Darsigny
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Synthesis of the tetracyclic core of daphnilactone B-type and yuzurimine-type alkaloids
G Bélanger, J Boudreault, F Lévesque
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Addition of tethered nonaromatic carbon nucleophiles to chemoselectively activated amides
G Bélanger, R Larouche-Gauthier, F Ménard, M Nantel, F Barabé
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Rapid assembly of quinolizidines via consecutive nucleophilic cyclizations onto activated amides
G Bélanger, G O’Brien, R Larouche-Gauthier
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Synthesis of the Tricyclic Core of Alkaloid Securinol B Using a Cascade of Vilsmeier− Haack and Mannich Cyclizations
R Larouche-Gauthier, G Bélanger
Organic letters 10 (20), 4501-4504, 2008
Preparation of Conformationally Restricted β2,2- and β2,2,3-Amino Esters and Derivatives Containing an All-Carbon Quaternary Center
A Romanens, G Bélanger
Organic letters 17 (2), 322-325, 2015
Asymmetric total synthesis of (+)-virosine a via sequential nucleophilic cyclizations onto an activated formamide
G Bélanger, M Dupuis, R Larouche-Gauthier
The Journal of organic chemistry 77 (7), 3215-3221, 2012
New Approach to Aphidicolin and Total Asymmetric Synthesis of Unnatural (11R)-(−)-8-Epi-11-hydroxyaphidicolin by Tandem Transannular Diels−Alder/Aldol …
G Bélanger, P Deslongchamps
The Journal of organic chemistry 65 (21), 7070-7074, 2000
A Versatile Cascade of Intramolecular Vilsmeier− Haack and Azomethine Ylide 1, 3-Dipolar Cycloaddition toward Tricyclic Cores of Alkaloids
F Lévesque, G Bélanger
Organic letters 10 (21), 4939-4942, 2008
Effect of substitution on the intramolecular 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of alkene tethered münchnones
G Bélanger, M April, E Dauphin, S Roy
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (4), 1104-1111, 2007
Competition between Alkenes in Intramolecular Ketene− Alkene [2+ 2] Cycloaddition: What Does It Take to Win?
G Bélanger, F Lévesque, J Pâquet, G Barbe
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (1), 291-296, 2005
Total Asymmetric Synthesis of the Aphidicolin Derivative (11R)-(−)-8-Epi-11-hydroxyaphidicolin Using Tandem Transannular Diels−Alder/Aldol Reactions
G Bélanger, P Deslongchamps
Organic letters 2 (3), 285-287, 2000
Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of Substituted Pyrrolidines Using a Sequence of Azomethine Ylide Cycloaddition and Nucleophilic Cyclization
G Bélanger, V Darsigny, M Doré, F Lévesque
Organic letters 12 (7), 1396-1399, 2010
Short approach toward the nonracemic A, B, E tricyclic core of calyciphylline B-type alkaloids
P Boissarie, G Bélanger
Organic letters 19 (14), 3739-3742, 2017
Studies toward Total Synthesis of (±)-Caldaphnidine C via One-Pot Sequential Intramolecular Vilsmeier–Haack and Azomethine Ylide 1, 3-Dipolar Cycloaddition
J Boudreault, F Lévesque, G Bélanger
The Journal of organic chemistry 81 (19), 9247-9268, 2016
Manganese (II) Chloride
G Cahiez
Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, 2001
Transannular Diels-Alder studies on the asymmetric synthesis of (+)-maritimol
A Toró, CA Lemelin, P Préville, G Bélanger, P Deslongchamps
Tetrahedron 55 (15), 4655-4684, 1999
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