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Matrix invasion by tumour cells: a focus on MT1-MMP trafficking to invadopodia
R Poincloux, F Lizárraga, P Chavrier
Journal of cell science 122 (17), 3015-3024, 2009
Mycobacterial P1-type ATPases mediate resistance to zinc poisoning in human macrophages
H Botella, P Peyron, F Levillain, R Poincloux, Y Poquet, I Brandli, C Wang, ...
Cell host & microbe 10 (3), 248-259, 2011
Matrix architecture dictates three-dimensional migration modes of human macrophages: differential involvement of proteases and podosome-like structures
E Van Goethem, R Poincloux, F Gauffre, I Maridonneau-Parini, ...
The journal of immunology 184 (2), 1049-1061, 2010
Contractility of the cell rear drives invasion of breast tumor cells in 3D Matrigel
R Poincloux, O Collin, F Lizárraga, M Romao, M Debray, M Piel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (5), 1943-1948, 2011
MT1-MMP-dependent invasion is regulated by TI-VAMP/VAMP7
A Steffen, G Le Dez, R Poincloux, C Recchi, P Nassoy, K Rottner, T Galli, ...
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Diaphanous-related formins are required for invadopodia formation and invasion of breast tumor cells
F Lizárraga, R Poincloux, M Romao, G Montagnac, G Le Dez, I Bonne, ...
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Protrusion force microscopy reveals oscillatory force generation and mechanosensing activity of human macrophage podosomes
A Labernadie, A Bouissou, P Delobelle, S Balor, R Voituriez, A Proag, ...
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Implication of Metastasis Suppressor NM23-H1 in Maintaining Adherens Junctions and Limiting the Invasive Potential of Human Cancer Cells
M Boissan, O De Wever, F Lizarraga, D Wendum, R Poincloux, ...
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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Exploits Asparagine to Assimilate Nitrogen and Resist Acid Stress during Infection
A Gouzy, G Larrouy-Maumus, D Bottai, F Levillain, A Dumas, JB Wallach, ...
PLoS Pathogens 10 (2), e1003928, 2014
Spontaneous contractility-mediated cortical flow generates cell migration in three-dimensional environments
RJ Hawkins, R Poincloux, O Bénichou, M Piel, P Chavrier, R Voituriez
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Macrophage podosomes go 3D
E Van Goethem, R Guiet, S Balor, GM Charrière, R Poincloux, ...
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Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 115 (7), 1444-1452, 2010
Tuberculosis is associated with expansion of a motile, permissive and immunomodulatory CD16+ monocyte population via the IL-10/STAT3 axis
C Lastrucci, A Bénard, L Balboa, K Pingris, S Souriant, R Poincloux, ...
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Activation of the lysosome‐associated p61Hck isoform triggers the biogenesis of podosomes
C Cougoule, S Carréno, J Castandet, A Labrousse, C Astarie‐Dequeker, ...
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F Baschieri, S Dayot, N Elkhatib, N Ly, A Capmany, K Schauer, T Betz, ...
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Probing the mechanical landscape–new insights into podosome architecture and mechanics
K van den Dries, S Linder, I Maridonneau-Parini, R Poincloux
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HIV-1 reprograms the migration of macrophages
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R Guiet, R Poincloux, J Castandet, L Marois, A Labrousse, V Le Cabec, ...
European journal of cell biology 87 (8-9), 527-542, 2008
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