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Laurent Claparede
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Stability and Structural Evolution of CeIV1–xLnIIIxO2–x/2 Solid Solutions: A Coupled μ-Raman/XRD Approach
D Horlait, L Claparede, N Clavier, S Szenknect, N Dacheux, J Ravaux, ...
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L Claparede, N Clavier, N Dacheux, P Moisy, R Podor, J Ravaux
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L Claparede, N Clavier, N Dacheux, A Mesbah, J Martinez, S Szenknect, ...
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R Podor, N Clavier, J Ravaux, L Claparede, N Dacheux, ...
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3D-SEM height maps series to monitor materials corrosion and dissolution
R Podor, X Le Goff, T Cordara, M Odorico, J Favrichon, L Claparede, ...
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Impact of the cationic homogeneity on Th0. 5U0. 5O2 densification and chemical durability
L Claparede, N Clavier, A Mesbah, F Tocino, S Szenknect, J Ravaux, ...
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Influence of Sintering Conditions on the Structure and Redox Speciation of Homogeneous (U,Ce)O2+δ Ceramics: A Synchrotron Study
M Massonnet, L Claparede, J Martinez, PM Martin, MOJY Hunault, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 62 (19), 7173-7185, 2023
Impact of ruthenium metallic particles on the dissolution of UO2 in nitric acid
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Dissolution of (U, Th) O2 heterogeneous mixed oxides
C Hours, L Claparede, N Reynier-Tronche, I Viallard, R Podor, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 586, 154658, 2023
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